Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan Nevada recently received yet another association option for small businesses. Prominence Health Plan will be backing the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan. Prominence has released numerous association health plans this year. Currently, Nevada is one of the leaders in the nation offering lower costing health plans… Read More

Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association Prominence Health Plan has created two new association health plans to provide alternative health insurance to small businesses. The Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association is available for businesses to enroll in for a July 1st start date. Any small business that is part of the association may get… Read More

Medicare Does Not Cover Acupuncture Original Medicare (Parts A & B) does not cover Acupuncture. Medicare generally only covers services that considered medically necessary. As of the date of this article, acupuncture is not a necessary service under Medicare. Medicare defines medical necessity as “Services or supplies that are needed for the diagnosis or treatment… Read More

I regularly get questions from high-income earners and older workers when they’re comparing Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage. There’s a great opportunity to have some good coverage here for a low price, however, there are pitfalls. When you elect Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage you now have double coverage. The federal government has decided, in… Read More

2020 Prescription Drug Plans Since 2016 the Standard Medicare Prescription Drug Plan has changed a lot. The Deductible has gone up from $360 to $435 in 2020. Likewise, the Initial Coverage Limit has changed from $3310 to $4020 and the Out-of-Pocket limit (Coverage Gap) or TrOOP (True Out-of-Pocket) has risen from $4850 to $6350 in… Read More

Hometown Health currently offers plans to individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. If you have Hometown Health benefits, you may qualify for added perks. As a local insurance company focused on wellness, their plans include added benefits to keep you healthy all year round. Most major medical plans only cover the required benefits on their… Read More

Medicare and Long Term Care As we age and medical advances extend our lives, the odds of having a medical need increase every year. In particular, women are at higher risk as they live longer. Many clients ask about Medicare and Long Term Care and whether or not it is covered. In short, Medicare does… Read More

What Original Medicare Doesn’t Cover When composing this article, I didn’t know which way to go. Such as writing an article about items covered or what original Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare’s website lists the majority of covered services. To see them, go to There you can browse through over 100 topics. Many services and… Read More

Faith Based Plans in Nevada There are many types of health policies that you can buy in Nevada. Of course, you have your traditional health insurance that covers large major medical expenses as well as other less expensive medical services. There are also faith based plans in Nevada that you can purchase. These are plans… Read More

Moving to Nevada It can be difficult to know how your health insurance needs will be met when moving to a new state. More than likely your plan will either not continue once you move out of the service area or not cover you properly. There are also many variables to consider when moving such… Read More