Hometown Health, a local insurance company in Nevada, is now offering health insurance through the Better Business Bureau Association Plans. Renown hospital owns Hometown Health. Also, they are the only non-profit insurance company in Nevada.  These new Better Business Bureau Associations Plans will be available to small employers as well as Sole Proprietors. The plans… Read More

Did you know you can apply for Medicare Advantage Reno plans and Medigap Plans after the annual enrollment period deadline? Every year, the annual enrollment period for Medicare starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th. People can apply for Part D Drug Plans or Part C Medicare Advantage Plans during this time period.… Read More

Are you a sole proprietor looking for affordable health insurance? With recent changes to health care, there may be an option for you! President Trump passed an executive order legalizing Association Health Plans. Association Health Plans are a collection of small employers with a common membership. These small employers will join a large group risk… Read More

BANN Association Insurance The BANN Association Health Plan is the latest option for small businesses looking for insurance in Nevada. Recent developments and executive orders in Washington have allowed insurance companies to develop these plans that have initially become less expensive for the consumer to purchase than traditional ACA policies. Hometown Health will be the… Read More

Builders Health Insurance in Northern Nevada The Builders Association of Northern Nevada is working with Hometown Health Plan to allow construction-related businesses to join together and purchase health insurance. The BANN Association insurance plans are the result of new federal rules. The rules released in June of this year allow businesses to join together to… Read More

On November 27th, 2018 the Builders Association of Northern Nevada, in partnership with Hometown Health, released new BANN Health Insurance plans. Their focus is small employers with between 2 and 49 full-time employees. The idea is to provide members with lower rates by circumventing large parts of the Affordable Care Act. Many of the cost-saving… Read More

BANN Insurance through Hometown Health Nevada small businesses will see another addition to the association group health plan market at the end of this year. BANN (Builders Association of Northern Nevada) will allow small employers to group together and have similar health insurance options as large employers. In addition to more options, eligible businesses will… Read More

With health insurance premiums increasing every year, many people ask how HSA plans work and how it can benefit them. Health Savings Accounts, also known as HSAs, allow consumers to contribute pretax dollars into a savings account. The pre-tax dollars you put into the account are not taxed when you spend them on approved expenses.… Read More

Reasons to Enroll in Medicare Advantage Plan When shopping for Medicare plans, it is important to understand the differences between a Medicare Supplement Reno plan and a Part C Medicare Advantage Reno plan. Medigap Plans are known as Medicare Supplement Plans. For the most part, we recommend that consumers enroll in Medigap plans at 65… Read More

In the world of Medicare, there are many different options. When looking at Medicare Supplement Reno plans, most consumers want to enroll in the Plan F or Plan G. But what are the main differences between Plan F vs Plan G? Believe it or not, there are not many differences between these two policies. Before… Read More