Every year, individuals and families shop for health care during the Open Enrollment Period. After Open Enrollment ends, you can still get health care coverage mid year. If you experienced a Qualifying Life Event you might be able to get affordable health insurance starting next month! Also, there are many different types of health insurance… Read More

Part B of Medicare does not cover Shingles shots. Part D of Medicare Part D of Medicare usually does cover Shingles Shots and other available vaccines via Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs. But remember, “cover” and “pay for” do not mean the same thing. Cover means the drug plan includes coverage for the vaccine. Pay… Read More

As a health insurance broker, technology over the last 5 years has completely changed my job description. It’s drawn a large gap between those with and those without the knowledge. The tech savvy insurance brokers who understand the advancements are at least 10x more effective with their jobs. However, those without put their clients in… Read More

The Nevada Builders Alliance (NBA) has partnered with Prominence Health Plans to offer Association Health Plans to its members. These Association Health Plans may offer better benefits for a lower price. These are exclusive to members of the Nevada Builders Alliance. These health insurance plans are exclusively available to small businesses.    NBA is an… Read More

This question to me comes up most often when a client is nearing or at 65 and is not on Medicare yet. They are considering retirement and going on their company’s COBRA medical and prescription coverage. Staying on employer’s plan Generally, if you remain employed and on your company’s plan past age 65, you do… Read More

Yesterday Hometown Health released its 4th Association Health Plan. This BNI Association Health Plan can lower the price of health insurance for all BNI members. Sole-proprietors can be included as well as small businesses interested in health insurance. Association Health Plans are, today, some of the least expensive health plans in Nevada! The Rates The… Read More

BNI Member Health Plan BNI members in Nevada can now join the surge of association health plans in Reno. This year, Nevada has seen numerous new small group plans released. The new BNI (Business Network International) policy has paired with Hometown Health to provide lower costing options for small groups. The savings on the BNI… Read More

The Business Network International group, also known as BNI, is now offering Association Health Plans. These Association Plans are offered through Hometown Health, a local insurance company in Reno. To get BNI Health Insurance, you must meet a few requirements: You must be a small business owner or a sole proprietor. Applicants must be in… Read More

Nevada Online Health Insurance Quotes Spending a significant amount of time trying to find insurance quotes can be very frustrating. The majority of websites will log your information and sell this to third parties. You may start receiving numerous phones calls from other companies trying to sell you low-quality products. In addition, you probably won’t… Read More

There are two different types of Medicare Plans: Medigap Plans and Part C Medicare Advantage Plans. The Medicare Special Enrollment Periods in Nevada have significantly different rules compared to group health plans or the individual and family market. Depending on your eligibility, you might qualify for a Medicare plan starting next month! Also, you may… Read More