Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association Prominence Health Plan has created two new association health plans to provide alternative health insurance to small businesses. The Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association is available for businesses to enroll in for a July 1st start date. Any small business that is part of the association may get… Read More

Hometown Health currently offers plans to individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. If you have Hometown Health benefits, you may qualify for added perks. As a local insurance company focused on wellness, their plans include added benefits to keep you healthy all year round. Most major medical plans only cover the required benefits on their… Read More

Faith Based Plans in Nevada There are many types of health policies that you can buy in Nevada. Of course, you have your traditional health insurance that covers large major medical expenses as well as other less expensive medical services. There are also faith based plans in Nevada that you can purchase. These are plans… Read More

Moving to Nevada It can be difficult to know how your health insurance needs will be met when moving to a new state. More than likely your plan will either not continue once you move out of the service area or not cover you properly. There are also many variables to consider when moving such… Read More

BNI Member Health Plan BNI members in Nevada can now join the surge of association health plans in Reno. This year, Nevada has seen numerous new small group plans released. The new BNI (Business Network International) policy has paired with Hometown Health to provide lower costing options for small groups. The savings on the BNI… Read More

Nevada Private Insurance If you are searching for qualified health insurance plans, there are two main sources you will find. For private plans, there are two companies that are offering plans to individuals in Nevada which is Hometown Health and Health Plan of Nevada. The other source of insurance is the health insurance marketplace. This… Read More

Have you experienced long wait times at the doctor in Nevada? We have a solution for you! For years, people with health insurance policies in Reno have had difficulty finding available doctors. With people moving to Nevada every day, it seems like there aren’t enough doctors for our growing community. In the next few years,… Read More

Individuals and Families Open Enrollment for 2019 health insurance starts on November 1st and ends on December 15th. When you apply for a plan during this time, your coverage will start on January 1st. In Northern Nevada, there are three total insurance companies selling 2019 Reno health insurance plans to individuals and families. The three insurance… Read More

Anthem Cancels Grandfathered Plans Last year, Anthem notified all owners of Affordable Care Act plans that their Individual and Family Plans (IFP) coverage would be terminated on December 31st, 2017.  Only owners of policies whose coverage was effective prior to March 2013 (Grandfathered Plans) would continue to have coverage.  As Anthem cancels grandfathered plans, it… Read More

In 2014 the Affordable Care Act changed how we enroll in health insurance. They no longer base rates on health history. Instead, they now base the rates on your zip code and age. Health history makes no difference. This created a problem. How would you prevent someone from enrolling only when they needed to use… Read More