In 2014, the health insurance market changed forever with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Ever since then, the only consistent thing in the health insurance market has been change. One of the biggest health insurance changes happened in 2019. Through new legislation, health insurance companies started offering Association Health Plans to consumers in… Read More

2020 Health Savings Account Eligible High Deductible Health Plans Why would you want a 2020 Health Savings Account Eligible High Deductible Health Plan? Because they can save you money. What is an HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan)? The HDHP part means it is a health insurance plan that meets IRS… Read More

Your Insurance No Longer Covers Your Doctor You have just received a letter that your insurance no longer covers your doctor which is part of a particular provider group. Every now and then, a contract between an insurance carrier and medical group will terminate. This may happen due to the carrier and medical group not… Read More

For health insurance plans the doctor’s list is everything. In the past indemnity plans have allowed you to go to any doctor and the insurance would cover it. Unfortunately, this means the doctor could bill whatever they wanted and the insurance companies had to pay it. After these plans became too expensive, insurance companies introduced… Read More

As a plan administrator for a group health plan, there are many different rules and regulations you need to keep track of. Our brokerage does not charge any fees to help you understand these rules. Each year, your medical plan renews and employees can enroll in the plan during the Open Enrollment period. After the… Read More

Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan Nevada recently received yet another association option for small businesses. Prominence Health Plan will be backing the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan. Prominence has released numerous association health plans this year. Currently, Nevada is one of the leaders in the nation offering lower costing health plans… Read More

Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association Prominence Health Plan has created two new association health plans to provide alternative health insurance to small businesses. The Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association is available for businesses to enroll in for a July 1st start date. Any small business that is part of the association may get… Read More

I regularly get questions from high-income earners and older workers when they’re comparing Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage. There‚Äôs a great opportunity to have some good coverage here for a low price, however, there are pitfalls. When you elect Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage you now have double coverage. The federal government has decided, in… Read More

Options for health insurance in Carson City Those living in Carson City have very similar insurance carrier choices as the rest of the state. Although, your monthly premium and network of doctors and facilities will vary greatly. Whether or not a plan is a good choice depends on if it fits your budget and if… Read More

Carson Chamber Plans Two new association health plans have been released for small businesses in Nevada. Hometown Health has teamed up with the Carson City Chamber and Carson Valley Chamber to offer lower costing options for health insurance. The discount in premiums for these plans can be anywhere from 5% to 25% less than current… Read More