Hometown Health Group Insurance

Group Insurance

for Small Businesses

Hometown Health offers excellent plans for groups from 1 to 50 employees. They offer top of the line health and wellness programs including Healthy Tracks and Motivate U. With Hometown's fully integrated online system they have streamlined the administration of small business plans. As a result, employees also have easier access to their ID cards with the eCard App. With the growing business environment in Northern Nevada, Hometown Health has priced themselves very competitively. They have made the low-cost plans less expensive for the young and healthy employees, and the benefits better for the employees who use more medical care.

Hometown Health Individual and Family Insurance

Individual Insurance

for Families and Individuals

Hometown's new partnership with Stanford Healthcare has significantly changed their reputation as a "Reno only" company and put them on the map. With immediate access to local doctors who can then refer out to these Stanford doctors, it's a significant increase in the level of care. Because Hometown is fully integrated with the Renown network of doctors and hospitals. Renown has recruited 40 new primary care physicians to Reno in the past year and they expect to attract at least 25 more this coming year. They also now offer virtual check-in for Renown urgent care locations. If the situation is more serious, Renown is home to the regions only children's ER, Wilbur D. May pediatric ICU and the largest neo-national ICU in Northern Nevada.