Get the Right Insurance Plan for You or Your Family

Finding affordable individual medical insurance starts here. Simply fill out the form above to get a medical insurance quote for you and your family. If you have any questions while completing this form, please call us at 775-828-1216. As your health insurance broker, all of our services are of no cost to you. Also, you will pay the same amount in premiums whether or not you use one of our brokers.

We quote all legal plans available in Nevada


Individual and Family Health Insurance

Private individual medical insurance plans are available anytime, even outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. There are two main ways to purchase health insurance.
Private Medical Insurance Plans
  1. Private health insurance plans can be purchased through a broker (like us) as well as straight from the insurance company. It’s the same price no matter where it’s purchased. The difference is that we provide valuable knowledge as well as customer service that you just won't get with the insurance company.
  2. More insurance companies sell these plans (Aetna, Hometown Health & Sierra Health & Life and more) and because of this, more doctors accept this insurance.

If the insurance offered at work pays for employees but not spouses or children, private insurance plans for dependents offer a great solution.

Did you know? If you had a qualified life event, you can begin coverage as soon as the first of next month. If not, coverage is still available with a 90-day waiting period.

Subsidy Eligible Medical Insurance / “Exchange” Plans
  1. For no charge, we can assist customers with applying for tax subsidies.
  2. This reduces the monthly cost of insurance, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.
  3. Qualified plans (with no fine at the end of the year) are available from Anthem, Health Plan of Nevada and Prominence Health Plans.

 To enroll in these plans mid-year, you need to have a Qualified Life Event.