As your Reno health insurance broker, we can answer your questions about insurance. Please contact us using the information below or feel free to stop by our office.

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  • Our office is located at 3716 Lakeside Drive off West Moana Lane, Suite #100.
  • You can contact us by:
    • Phone: (775) 828-1216
    • Fax: (775) 828-1277
    • Email:

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 to 4:30 and you do not need an appointment to sit down with one of our brokers.
- Most importantly we open all year around to provide service, especially during the busy open enrollment period.

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  • Phone: 775.828.1216
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  • Toll Free: 800.572.6729
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  • Fax: 775.828.1277

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