Vision Insurance in Nevada is relatively similar between plans and even between insurance companies. At a minimum, it should cover at least one annual visit to your optometrist. The plan may cover new frames and lenses every year or every other year, based on the plan choice. The less frequently you go to the optometrist and buy new lenses, the lower the plan cost.
We quote all plans available in Nevada.
If you are buying dental insurance, it’s usually best to bundle your benefits under one plan. This means if you’re buying dental insurance with us, bundle your vision with the dental.
VSP is one of the most trusted vision insurance companies in Nevada. We don’t recommend anyone else higher for their stand-alone vision plans.
BEST CARE. Select from one of 32,000 network doctors.
BEST VALUE. Lowest out of pocket costs & Exclusive Member Extras.
BEST CHOICE. VSP doctors carry the largest choice in eyewear.
  • Quality, comprehensive eye exam with $15 copay
  • Basic lenses fully covered with $25 copay
  • 20% off additional lens options
  • $150 allowance toward a wide selection of frames
  • Or use your allowance toward contact lenses