Everything you need to know about purchasing a Nevada health insurance plan. Insurance companies publish a few different guides to try and explain how your Nevada health insurance plan works. It’s important that you start by looking at the right guide. Evidence of Coverage This is usually the most detailed document. It’s universal among all… Read More

For health insurance plans the doctor’s list is everything. In the past indemnity plans have allowed you to go to any doctor and the insurance would cover it. Unfortunately, this means the doctor could bill whatever they wanted and the insurance companies had to pay it. After these plans became too expensive, insurance companies introduced… Read More

I regularly get questions from high-income earners and older workers when they’re comparing Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage. There’s a great opportunity to have some good coverage here for a low price, however, there are pitfalls. When you elect Medicare and Continuing Employer Coverage you now have double coverage. The federal government has decided, in… Read More

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, insurance companies have been looking for ways to decrease prices. Many have offered lower costing plans for specific illnesses. Others have put time limits on how long their coverage will last or ask health questions and increase the rate or deny you coverage based on the answers. The best… Read More

As a health insurance broker, technology over the last 5 years has completely changed my job description. It’s drawn a large gap between those with and those without the knowledge. The tech savvy insurance brokers who understand the advancements are at least 10x more effective with their jobs. However, those without put their clients in… Read More

The Nevada Builders Alliance (NBA) has partnered with Prominence Health Plans to offer Association Health Plans to its members. These Association Health Plans may offer better benefits for a lower price. These are exclusive to members of the Nevada Builders Alliance. These health insurance plans are exclusively available to small businesses.    NBA is an… Read More

Yesterday Hometown Health released its 4th Association Health Plan. This BNI Association Health Plan can lower the price of health insurance for all BNI members. Sole-proprietors can be included as well as small businesses interested in health insurance. Association Health Plans are, today, some of the least expensive health plans in Nevada! The Rates The… Read More

Nevada HSA Plans HSA Plans are probably one of the least understood and therefore the most hated of all health insurance plans. For people who do understand them, and the tax savings that come with them, they love HSA plans. Hopefully, I can use this short guide to explain how an HSA plan works. I… Read More

On November 27th, 2018 the Builders Association of Northern Nevada, in partnership with Hometown Health, released new BANN Health Insurance plans. Their focus is small employers with between 2 and 49 full-time employees. The idea is to provide members with lower rates by circumventing large parts of the Affordable Care Act. Many of the cost-saving… Read More

As we get older, it’s sometimes depressing to think about long-term care as we age. All of us want to die after our “golden years” are over. My grandfather would say, “just take me out back and bury me in the yard….” But this isn’t what really happens. Instead, we hang on. The recent development… Read More