What are the disadvantages of Medicare Supplement plans?   In this article, I will go into detail on some of the biggest disadvantages of choosing a Medicare Supplement plan.   First of all, here is a basic overview of what a Medicare Supplement is. Like anything in life, there are tradeoffs.  This is no different… Read More

A Guide to Enroll in Medicare Advantage Reno In this article, I am going to go over the steps to make the process of Medicare Advantage Enrollment Reno as simple as possible. There are numerous Medicare Advantage Plans available in Reno.  Also, there are two local carriers that are offering plans with very strong benefits.… Read More

Medicare Parts Versus Plans Medicare Parts versus Plans.  These two items have confused many of my clients.  Many people call our office and say they want Part G or Plan D.  In this article I will attempt to break the differences down for you. Original Medicare Original Medicare, known as Part A and Part B. … Read More

Medicare Supplement Plans in Washoe County There are 10 Medicare Supplement plans in Washoe County.  The link is to the Nevada Department of Insurance.  It goes into more detail.  I will not go into the details of each plan here.  Instead, I will highlight what Medicare Supplements Plans provide. Here in Washoe County Nevada, you… Read More

Medicare Part C Medicare Part C is what may be known as the third leg in Medicare.  The first two legs are Part A and Part B, with the fourth being Part D.  For instance, Part C covers the remaining balance that Original Medicare or Parts A and B do not cover.  That equals to… Read More

Medicare Advantage Plans in Washoe County Medicare Advantage plans in Washoe County vary.  In addition to the national insurance companies, there are two local carriers offering plans.  If you were to sign up through a broker outside of Nevada, you would never be offered these two plans. Local Expertise Going with a local Medicare Broker… Read More

Medicare Supplement Plans in Reno Medicare Supplement in Reno is also known as Medigap plans.  These plans cover the remaining 20% that Original Medicare does not cover.  Original Medicare is Part A and Part B.  You must have Parts A and B to be eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan. Eligibility Eligibility requirements may vary… Read More

When Should I Sign Up for Medicare in Reno? When should I sign up for Medicare in Reno is a very popular question in my office? The answer is not as straightforward as one might guess.  Most people think that only people who are retired can sign up for Medicare.  That is not true.  A… Read More

Senior Care Plus in Reno (SCP) Senior Care Plus in Reno is one of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug plans offered in Nevada.  SCP is a syndicate of Hometown Health.  Here in Reno, Renown is the hospital that belongs to Hometown Health.  The Kaiser model seems to be what Hometown is following.  The hospital,… Read More

Medicare Help in Reno Nevada If you’re in Nevada and need help with Medicare in Reno, Nevada it is important to know the requirements. Part A is provided automatically.  That is if you worked in the United States for 40 quarters. Part B is not automatically provided.  If you want Part B you must enroll… Read More