Nevada Insurance Companies for 2019 Nevada residents will not see any changes in health insurance options for 2019. This means that Hometown Health, Health Plan of Nevada, and Ambetter will be the only 3 choices for individuals and families. These three Nevada insurance companies are also the only qualified, legal options. This means that they… Read More

Group Health Insurance Planning Every year when health insurance policies renew, it seems like benefits decrease and premiums increase. For example, there are many differences between small group health insurance plans available in 2018 compared to 2019. One of the major benefit changes each year in Northern Nevada is Emergency Room coverage. 4 year ago,… Read More

Doctors in Reno Once you are enrolled in a Reno health insurance policy, you will need to start looking for a doctor. Finding doctors in Reno that work with your plan will help you save the most money for services. Fortunately, almost every insurance company has an online directory where you can search for doctors.… Read More

There are many different definitions, acronyms, and jargon in the world of Reno health insurance. Even if you want a plan that covers catastrophic claims, you may not qualify for a ‘Catastrophic Plan’. So how do Catastrophic Plans work? Per the Affordable Care Act, people can apply for Catastrophic Plans if they meet one of… Read More

Qualified Health Plans If you call into our office and ask about health insurance plans, you may hear us use the term qualified health plans and non-qualified. It is important to understand the difference between these before you buy. Doing so will help you make a better decision about the policy so there are no… Read More

Difference Between PPO and HMO Plans Understanding the difference between these two types of plans is very important before signing up for coverage. Depending on your personal preference and price point, you might be a better fit for one or the other. Even though there are differences between the plans, they both still provide real… Read More

2019 Medicare Advantage The 2019 Medicare Nevada Advantage Annual Enrollment Period started on October 15th and ends on December 7th. During this time, we can make plan changes with any Part C Medicare Advantage company effective January 1st. Medicare Advantage companies do not ask health questions on their applications but do have other eligibility requirements.… Read More

Anthem Association Plans Nevada continues to see new association plans for health insurance small business options since federal regulations eased back on Affordable Care Act requirements. The latest to appear is Anthem Association Plans. These plans come after Aetna announced a self-funded option and Prominence announced their new chamber health plans. The plans allow small… Read More

Earlier this year, President Trump issued an executive order allowing consumers to enroll in short term plans for an entire calendar year. Per Nevada Revised Statutes, this executive order does not affect the maximum term length established in the Silver State. Nevadans will still be able to get short term plans for a maximum of… Read More

Individuals and Families Open Enrollment for 2019 health insurance starts on November 1st and ends on December 15th. When you apply for a plan during this time, your coverage will start on January 1st. In Northern Nevada, there are three total insurance companies selling 2019 Reno health insurance plans to individuals and families. The three insurance… Read More