Nevada Health Link in 2021 is the State Exchange website in Nevada. The State Exchange website is for people who need government assistance on their health insurance plan in the individual and family market. Eligibility for government assistance is based on many different aspects. The main factors that determine your eligibility through Nevada Health Link… Read More

If you are shopping in Reno for Health Insurance in 2021, we can help! Our local office in Northern Nevada helps people navigate the complex world of health care. Our 7 licensed brokers also contract with every major medical insurance company. Also, we do not charge fees! Our team can help you with the following… Read More

Medicare Supplement Plans in Reno Medicare Supplement in Reno is also known as Medigap plans.  These plans cover the remaining 20% that Original Medicare does not cover.  Original Medicare is Part A and Part B.  You must have Parts A and B to be eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan. Eligibility Eligibility requirements may vary… Read More

When Should I Sign Up for Medicare in Reno? When should I sign up for Medicare in Reno is a very popular question in my office? The answer is not as straightforward as one might guess.  Most people think that only people who are retired can sign up for Medicare.  That is not true.  A… Read More

Senior Care Plus in Reno (SCP) Senior Care Plus in Reno is one of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug plans offered in Nevada.  SCP is a syndicate of Hometown Health.  Here in Reno, Renown is the hospital that belongs to Hometown Health.  The Kaiser model seems to be what Hometown is following.  The hospital,… Read More

Medicare Help in Reno Nevada If you’re in Nevada and need help with Medicare in Reno, Nevada it is important to know the requirements. Part A is provided automatically.  That is if you worked in the United States for 40 quarters. Part B is not automatically provided.  If you want Part B you must enroll… Read More

  Medicare guidelines can be strict. You can only change Medicare Advantage plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. This starts October 15th and ends December 7th. But what happens if you start this plan in January and realize you’ve made a mistake? Is it possible to switch back to the old Medicare plan you had?… Read More

Renown Doctors are switching to Northern Nevada Medical Group The year 2021 is bringing a lot of changes. Some of those changes include doctors switching networks. There have been a few doctors who have made the switch from other networks over to Northern Nevada Medical Group. Specifically, Renown doctors switching to NNMG (Northern Nevada Medical… Read More

Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility is important to retirees moving here.  Many of these folks are retiring here.  Especially in Northern Nevada, people come here for the natural beauty and slower pace of life.  This is compared to our neighbor to the south, Las Vegas.  Retirees have a great option for healthcare… Read More

Medicare Part B Enrollment Nevada Medicare Part B enrollment in Nevada falls under the guidelines set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  There is great information on the Medicare.Gov federal website.  There are a couple of paths to sign up and become eligible for Part B.  I will go over those in this… Read More