There are many different options for health care in Nevada. There is a lot of buzz in the community with new health plan options. We have heard many people interested in enrolling in Prominence in 2021. With access to some of the most popular hospitals in Nevada, Prominence in 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most popular insurance companies.

In general there are three major medical plan options through private insurance companies:

  • Employer based plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Individual and Family plans

Prominence Health Plan, a local insurance company in Nevada, sells plans to small employers, large employers, and people who qualify for Medicare. Best of all their parent company, Universal Health Services, owns many  major hospitals in Nevada. Universal Health Services owns Northern Nevada Medical Center in Sparks, Nevada. They are also building the new hospital in South Reno. The new hospital should be complete and ready for patients in the next year and half.

Employer Based Plans

Employer plans are regulated by the Affordable Care Act. Since 2014, many employers have seen their premiums consistently increase every year for their employees. Fortunately, Prominence has led the charge with the newly expanded Association Health Plan market. In Nevada, Prominence Health Plan has the most Association Health Plans available out of all the available insurance companies. These Association Health Plans can help save thousands of dollars a year. If you are interested in reviewing one of these Association Health Plans, please click here. Our office provides free quotes with no hidden fees.

Medicare Plans

There are two main types of private Medicare plans. There are Part C Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement plans. Prominence in 2021 will be selling Part C Medicare Advantage plans. In the past few years, Prominence has significantly increased membership with very appealing benefits. These Medicare Advantage plans are available to people enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare. Part A and Part B of Medicare is also known as Original Medicare. Best of all, you do not need to be 65 years old to enroll in Prominence’s Medicare Advantage plan. To learn more about their coverage and enroll in their plan, please click here.