How Health Insurance Works

Health insurance can be a very confusing and difficult topic to understand. Therefore, our office has created some short videos to help our clients better understand the basics of their plan. Knowing how health insurance works can help save a significant amount in medical bills once it comes time to use the policy. As your health insurance broker, we are always available to talk to our clients over the phone about any questions they have.

Qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period

Enroll in a Plan for January 1st, 2019

How Your Deductible Works

 Reaching Your Maximum Out of Pocket

Coinsurance After You Meet Your Deductible

Paying a Flat Dollar Amount for Services

Please feel free to contact our office at (775) 828-1216 if you have any other questions. We do not charge our clients any fees to use our services. In addition, you will always pay the same amount for the plan if you purchase your policy through our office or the insurance company directly.