Prominence Health Plans mistakenly sent out a master application for the Compliance Verification. As a result, you do not need to complete the master application!

I apologize in advance for the audio. Please turn on Closed Captioning by selecting (CC) at the bottom right corner of the video if you're having trouble hearing me.

Compliance Verification Form


Prominence Health Plans will be sending out the following "Prominence Renewal Requirements" notice. This is addressed to small businesses beginning in April of 2017 and continuing through the beginning of 2018.


Prominence Compliance Verification Sample


They are requesting 5 items listed on the letter. I've created 3 separate videos. The video above explains the letter and its purpose, while the video below explains how to complete the Full-Time Equivalent Worksheet. Furthermore, the third video explains how to complete the Compliance and Participation Form.


Full-Time Equivalent Worksheet

The additional Prominence renewal requirements have multiple purposes. The Full-Time Equivalent Worksheet is used to determine if you are a large employer with over 50 FTE's. An FTE is a Full-Time Equivalent employee. You can calculate FTE's by adding up part-time employees hours and dividing it by 120 and counting that as one FTE. Different rules apply to large employers because they have over 50 FTE's.

The Compliance & Participation form has 2 purposes:

1. Make sure you don't have anyone on the plan who IS NOT eligible.

2. Also, make sure everyone who IS eligible is on the plan.


Compliance & Participation Form


After you complete all the Prominence renewal requirements, please send them to our office and not Prominence Health Plans directly. We would like to review them and make sure it has been completed in full. This Prominence Renewal Requirements notice might trigger additional questions if the numbers don't add up. We will also forward it to the correct department at Prominence and follow up to make sure they receive it.


If you have any questions:

Health Benefits Associates

Phone: 775-828-1216

Fax: 775-828-1277