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Make sure you do not miss our in-person Medicare events listed below! You will speak with a Medicare expert on some of the most important updates for 2022 Medicare plans!

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Prominence Medicare

When: 11/03/2021 @ 10AM PST

Where: Fallon Convention Center | 100 Campus Way, Fallon, NV

Water, coffee, bagels, and cookies will be served!

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Prominence Medicare

Hello Health

Hello Health is a live broadcast on Youtube where your favorite providers in Nevada discuss important health and wellness topics with you! From the comfort of your own home, you can ask doctors questions and get answers in real-time. We will be hosting many different topics ranging from basic preventative care to specialty health services. To learn more and review the upcoming schedule, please check the times below.

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Season 1 of Hello Health Has Ended!

We are currently not airing any more shows at this time. Stay tuned for Season 2 coming in 2022!

You can watch past episodes of Health Health by going here: Watch Hello Health

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Mastering Medicare

Mastering Medicare is a live broadcast on Youtube hosted by local Medicare experts in Nevada. With decades of experience, our experts discuss the top Medicare tips and tricks that you will not find anywhere else! Best of all, you can ask questions and get answers in real-time during these online educational events. Check the times for these seminars and subscribe to our channel to make sure you do not miss an event!

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Matt Law - Health Benefits Associates

When: 11/01/2021 @ 3PM PST

Topic: Biggest Reasons Why People Change Medicare Supplement Plans

Alex Sampson - Health Benefits Associates

When: 12/01/2021 @ 3PM PST

Topic: Biggest Mistakes Made During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

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Enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans


Annual Enrollment Period Mistakes


Medicare Supplement Tips and Tricks


Medicare has four main parts:

Part A (Hospital Insurance)
Medicare Part A helps cover your:
  • Inpatient care in hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facility care
  • Hospice care
  • Home health care
Part B (Doctor Insurance)
Medicare Part B helps cover your:
  • Services from doctors
  • Outpatient Care
  • Preventative Services
  • Medical Equipment
Part C (Medicare Advantage)
All in one alternative to Original Medicare:
  • Combines Parts A, B and D (not always)
  • Obtained from a private insurance carrier
  • Local network of doctors
  • Can offer additional benfits like dental, vision, and hearing
Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)
Medicare Part D helps cover your:
  • Costs of prescription drug
  • Also obtained from a private insurance carrier
  • A fantastic quote tool can be found here: Part D Plan Search
  • You may have a penalty if you do not enroll when you are initially eligible

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