Are You With Aetna? We Have an Announcement!

Aetna and Northern Nevada Medical Group

I sure love reporting good news on the health insurance front. It wasn’t a happy article I wrote last June, breaking the news about a big fallout between Aetna and our local Northern Nevada Medical Group. The contract dispute meant that the Aetna Medicare Network would cease covering services for their clients at area UHS properties at the end of 2022. UHS, Universal Health Properties, provides healthcare services at Northern Nevada Medical Center in Sparks, the new Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center in south Reno, and Northern Nevada Medical Group. The medical group operates several primary care locations including rehab centers and urgent cares throughout northern Nevada. Suffice to say, the standoff would affect many, many people in our area.

Here’s What’s Changed

After 4 months of uncertainty, Aetna informed us on October 5th that things were worked out and their coverage with UHS would continue. They reached an agreement that covers their commercial group, individual, family, and Medicare Advantage members in Nevada. Aetna insurance coverage will continue at UHS hospitals, medical groups, urgent care centers, and surgery centers in Sparks and Fallon. Coverage never stopped after all, and better yet, Aetna and UHS have a new “long-term” agreement.

Did You Get the Termination Letter?

You can toss it away. Aetna says their members who may have previously received a notice on the UHS termination will receive a retraction letter in the coming weeks. It will also restate their “commitment to providing affordable access to leading providers and hospitals throughout the Nevada market. The pandemic has had a profound impact on our care delivery ecosystem, which requires increased levels of collaboration between health plans and providers. The additional time required to reach this new agreement ensured we created a sustainable relationship with UHS while securing our network of quality providers for our valued membership.”

Covered by Aetna and Have Questions?

You can always call Aetna Member Services. The number is listed on the back of your Aetna ID card and the calls are answered daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. They also offer a comprehensive search site that serves as Aetna’s online directory. It lists all physicians in their network if you’re new to Aetna or are considering a change. Log in to find doctors, dentists, hospitals and other providers that accept your plan. Go to this website, sign in and see all that Aetna offers you:

HBA is Here For You

All of us at Health Benefits Associates are always ready to help you with any questions from our Medicare Advisors. Our top priority is to work with the health system for market-competitive rates so that our clients have access to affordable health care. Feel free to contact us through our website at, or on the phone: 775-828-1216. Don’t hesitate to call!