The Largest Not-for-Profit Insurance Company in Nevada

Locally owned with access to one of the largest networks of doctors in Northern Nevada, Hometown Health is a great option for individual and family coverage as well as employer health plans.

Hometown Health Insurance Plans Include:

Nationwide Emergency Care

  • While outside of Nevada, Hometown Health offers a nationwide network on both HMO & PPO plans. This network is used for Emergency or Urgent Care situations only. To search Urgent Cares and Emergency Rooms on this nationwide network, please click here.

Contracts With Both Stanford and UCSF

  • These facilities must be requested and authorized in advance but are available to Hometown Health members if you need them. This gives you peace of mind so you know that if you cannot receive the care you need in Nevada, you have access to some of the nation's top medical providers.

$0 Virtual Doctor Visits

  • Now more than ever, being able to do things remotely is becoming a necessity. Fortunately, Hometown is offering $0 virtual doctor visits through Teledoc for all non-HSA plans. You can use this service to speak to a doctor on your phone for common medical needs when you are away from home. For more info please click here.

And many other benefits!

Hometown Health Offers HMO and PPO plans:


The main differences between HMO and PPO Plans with Hometown Health:

  • HMO plans require you to establish a Renown Primary Care Physician.
  • HMO plans require you to receive a referral from your Primary Care Physician before seeing a Specialist.
  • There are no out-of-network benefits on HMO plans (except in emergency situations).

HMO Plans

PPO Plans

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Private individual medical insurance plans are available anytime, even outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. There are many different life events that may allow you to get a plan as soon as next month.