Life Insurance

Life Insurance is customized to you and your family’s needs. Just like any other insurance policy, each plan varies in benefits and rates. Our brokers do not charge any fees to assess your needs, goals, and coverage options. Also, we will shop every insurance company to find the right plan for you.

Solutions for Tomorrow

Life Insurance is more than a policy, it is protection for your family, your future, or your business. There are many different variables when it comes to the right policy. We are available all year to help and can also assess your current insurance plan. If you are looking to buy a life insurance policy for the first time, we will help tailor the plan to best fit your needs and goals.

There are two important categories of life insurance that we provide services for in our office:


Whole Life policies remain in force until the policyholder/guarantor fails to pay the premium (monthly cost) or the policy matures (Insured dies). Many Whole Life policies are combined with a money market type of investment. The policy pays a benefit based on the type of investments made by the insurance company. Many whole life policies generally don’t guarantee a specific rate of return or benefit amount.


Term Life policies are only in effect for a fixed amount of time (1, 10, 20, 30 years). They are generally far less expensive than whole life policies. Prices are lowest with shorter terms and younger individuals, but these can still be great options for older individuals looking to protect their family.


Unlike current medical policies, life insurance requires extensive medical underwriting, including a physical. Life insurance can also be denied based on health condition. If you’re concerned about this, our best advice is to apply and proceed with the physical before ruling out the possibility completely.