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Our brokers work with every major medical insurance plan in Nevada and will find the right policy for your needs and budget.

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Health Benefits Associates has been assisting Nevadans for over 25 years at its Reno office. We now have offices all over Northern Nevada.

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There is no extra cost to sit down with one of our licensed professionals. Our brokers know the market and have experience working with every insurance company in Nevada.

Major Medical Plans Cover:

Doctor Visits
Preventative Care
Maternity Benefits
Lab and Radiology Tests
Hospital Stays
Urgent Care Centers
Mental Health Services
Pre-existing Conditions

And more!

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Private individual medical insurance plans are available anytime, even outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. There are many different life events that may allow you to get a plan as soon as next month.

Private Medical Insurance Plans
  1. Private health insurance plans can be purchased through a broker (like us) as well as straight from the insurance company. It’s the same price no matter where it’s purchased. The difference is that we provide valuable knowledge as well as customer service that you just won’t get with the insurance company.

  2. Insurance companies (such as Hometown Health and Health Plan of Nevada) sell private insurance plans throughout various counties in Nevada.

  3. Private health insurance plans are not involved with the health insurance marketplace. There are no income-related questions and the price is only based on your age and zip code.

If the insurance offered at work pays for employees but not spouses or children, private individual medical insurance plans for dependents can be a great solution.

Did you know? If you had a qualifying life event, you can begin coverage as soon as the first of next month. Speaking with a health insurance broker can determine if you are eligible to sign up for insurance outside of Open Enrollment.

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