Nevada Part D Enrollment Period

Time Left Until the Annual Enrollment Period Starts:

Part D of Medicare covers your prescription drugs. If you have or need Part D, you probably also have a Medicare Supplement plan, also known as a Medigap plan. These policies do not have an Annual Open Enrollment Period. Medicare Supplement plans change in price usually once or twice per year. Without a Medicare Supplement plan, you are left with high out of pocket expenses which increase every year. Because of this, it is important to have a Medicare Supplement plan to help pay for the expenses not covered by Part A and Part B of Medicare.
Most people who have a Medicare Supplement Plan also have a Part D prescription drug plan. You can enroll in or change your Part D drug plan during the Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment Period. The Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th each year. If you choose a plan and apply for Part D drug coverage during the Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment Period, your policy should start on January 1st.
Enrolling in a Part D plan is quick and easy! The federal Medicare website helps people shop, compare and enroll in Part D drug plans. Your drug plan information is saved securely on your account from year to year, making the renewal process even easier. Best of all, these plans never ask health questions! By following these steps, the Part D drug plan enrollment process should take you 10 minutes or less:
1. Visit the website
• On the top right corner of the screen, click on Login.
2. If you do not have an existing account, click on Create Account, and follow the prompts.
• If you already created an account, enter your username and password and click on Login.
3. Once you login to your account, click on Enter My Drugs & Pharmacies.
• Here it will ask for the prescription name, frequency, and dosage.
• Also, enter in the pharmacy you prefer to use. This information will help calculate which Part D Drug plan will cover all your needs.
4. Finally, select Find and Compare Plans and then select Drug Plan (Part D).
• In the top right area of the page, you will see a box that says Sort plans by: We recommend selecting Lowest Drug Plan + Premium Cost. Under each plan, it will outline the Mail Order Pharmacy Estimated Drug Cost + The monthly cost to enroll. We recommend choosing the first plan on the page since it will have the lowest annual cost for you.
• Once you select the plan that works best for you, please click on Enroll and follow the steps on the application to start your Part D drug plan coverage.

The Importance of Drug Coverage

Did you know that the government will penalize people who do not have creditable drug coverage? That’s right – the government penalizes people for not having drug coverage, even if they aren’t taking prescriptions! Because of this, we recommend getting at least a low costing Part D prescription drug plan to avoid lifetime penalties. The easiest time to do this is during the Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment period. Low costing Part D drug plans are usually less than $20 per month. To learn more about the Part D Late Enrollment penalty, click here.
Medicare Supplement Plan Options
There are many benefits to a Medicare Supplement plan:
  • They work with any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare in the U.S.
  • All insurance companies are required to have the same deductibles on their plans.
  • You can choose any Part D drug plan available in your area. You do not need to enroll in Part D drug coverage with the same company as your Medicare Supplement policy.
  • Very low and sometimes no out of pocket expenses for the entire year!
  • Affordable premiums
  • Most plans include international emergency coverage.
If you already have a Medicare Supplement plan, you can compare different options today. Medicare Supplement plans can be changed at any time during the year! However, you will be asked health questions to qualify for a new Medicare Supplement plan. Based on preexisting conditions and current prescriptions, an insurance company may approve or deny your application. Fortunately, our experienced Medicare Advisors will walk you through the process at no extra cost. Here at Health Benefits Associates, we do not charge fees to our clients. So if you are tired of high rate increases or if you want to shop your options, give us a call!
Medicare Advantage Plan Options
Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Part C, are very different in coverage compared to Medicare Supplement plans. You cannot have both a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement / Part D plan in place at the same time. We recommend assessing your options for Medicare Advantage plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. This runs during the same time as the Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment period. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan you are never asked health questions. Many also include dental, vision, and hearing aid coverage. To learn more about Medicare Advantage plans, click here.
Continue down to see some questions that are frequently asked by our clients.
Nevada Part D Annual Enrollment

Medicare has a reputation of being confusing. We’re here to make it simple. Here are the most common questions we get about the Nevada Part D Enrollment Period:



Do Part D drug plans ask health questions?
Part D drug plans never ask health questions. There are certain times of the year when you can purchase a Part D drug plan. Most people enroll in drug plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. To learn more about when you can enroll in a drug plan, click here.
Can I change my Medicare Advantage plan and enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan?
Yes, but timing is everything! There are certain times of year when you can disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan. For most people, they terminate Medicare Advantage coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period or during the Open Enrollment Period. The Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th. The Open Enrollment Period starts on January 1st and ends on March 31st. Fortunately, you can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan at any time of year! Most people need to answer health questions and may be denied coverage based on preexisting conditions. Because of this, we recommend confirming your acceptance into a Medicare Supplement plan first before terminating your Medicare Advantage plan. To learn more about the Medicare Supplement plans, click here.
How much does it cost to use a broker?
There are no costs or fees to use a broker! Our trained Medicare Advisors help you shop plans, understand your options, and review claims. The insurance company you enroll in pays for our fees, not you. To learn more about our brokers, click here.
Do Medicare Supplement plans include dental coverage?
Medicare Supplement plans do not include dental coverage. Dental coverage can be purchased separately at an additional premium. To shop dental plans, click here.
    • Recently turned 65 years old
    • Just enrolled in Part B
    • Moved to Nevada in the past 60 days
    • Lost coverage in the past 60 days
    • During the Annual Enrollment Period
    • Changing plans during the Open Enrollment Period
    • Dual eligibility with Medicaid
To learn more about Special Enrollment Periods and how to get coverage starting next month, click here.
What are the main differences between Medicare Supplement insurance companies?
All Medicare Supplement insurance companies are required to cover the same medical benefits and doctors. The major differences between Medicare Supplement insurance companies are rate increases and customer service. There are dozens of Medicare Supplement insurance companies in Nevada. Many of them will give you low rates at 65 but dramatically increases your rate as the years go on. The companies we work with are household names you will recognize and have a history of very low increases from year to year. To learn more about finding the right plan at the lowest cost, click here.
Which Medicare Supplement plan is best?
Our office recommends enrolling in the Plan G with one of our well known, nationwide insurance carriers. Plan G is the highest benefit Medicare Supplement policy today. Some people still have policies like the Plan F, which are no longer available to newly eligible people. If you are healthy with no preexisting conditions and currently have the Plan F, we recommend converting to the Plan G. To learn more about the differences between Plan F and Plan G, click here.
Can I change my Medicare Supplement plan and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?
Yes, you can change plans but timing is everything! You can switch during the Annual Enrollment Period or if you experienced a Special Enrollment Period. These time frames do not last forever, so it is important to shop your options and apply before time runs out. To learn more about the Annual Enrollment Period, click here. To learn more about Special Enrollment Periods, click here.
What is the average rate increase on a Medicare Supplement plan?
Rates increase based on a few different factors. Every year you get older, the rates increase by roughly 3 – 7%. On top of that, the insurance company may need to increase rates for everyone enrolled based on overall medical claims. In addition, each year Original Medicare covers a little bit less. Since the government is paying less, the supplement plan needs to cover more to leave you with no cost. This increases the price slightly. Insurance companies cannot single you out and increase your rate because you use the plan more than others. It is important to enroll in a Medicare Supplement insurance company with a healthy and large population of enrolled members. If your Medicare Supplement plan is too expensive, there are plenty of options to reduce your monthly premium. To learn more, click here.
Medicare Supplement plans – are they HMO or PPO?
Medicare Supplement plans are neither HMO or PPO. They are their own classification of coverage. You also do not need a referral to see a Specialist on a Medicare Supplement plan! Unlike Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans are usually offered as HMO or PPO.
How do I know if my doctor accepts my Medicare Supplement plan?
If your doctor accepts Medicare, then they accept your Medicare Supplement plan. It’s as simple as that! To search doctors who accept Medicare, click here.
Can I use my HSA when enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan?
Yes, if you have an existing Health Savings Account you can still use your pretax funds to pay for approved expenses in Medicare. Unfortunately, people enrolled in Medicare cannot contribute more money into their Health Savings Accounts. To learn more about HSA’s, click here.
Does my Medicare plan cover long term care coverage?
No, Medicare plans do not cover long term care coverage. To get long term care coverage, you need to enroll in a separate long term care policy. To learn more about long term care, click here.
How do I renew my Part D drug plan?
Part D drug plans usually do not require you to do anything to renew! Your insurance company will send you a letter discussing next year’s benefits and pricing. In the letter, they will discuss what you need to do to renew. Most insurance companies renew you automatically without requiring additional paperwork!
How do I renew my Medicare Supplement plan?
Medicare Supplement plans automatically renew. Once you are enrolled, your coverage continues year to year. Your rates increase usually once or twice per year based on a few different factors. If you want to switch from one Medicare Supplement plan into a new one, you can switch at any time! Most people are required to answer health questions when switching plans. To learn more, click here.

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