Advantages of having a health insurance broker

Having a Reno health insurance broker is similar to having a broker for other industries except for a few key differences. Health Benefits Associates offers many advantages to clients that that would otherwise navigate the insurance industry alone. It can be very difficult for an individual or employer to search for the correct plan from every insurance company. In addition, each insurance company offers different benefits for their plans. They also have some variations of wording about benefits provided. Our office is capable of walking each of our clients through the entire process. We will help find the lowest cost insurance plan that meets all your medical needs. The biggest difference between our office and brokers in other industries is that we do not charge you anything to use our services.

How we find the best plan for you

Whether you are an individual, employer, or over 65 and looking for Medicare, our office provides insurance solutions for you. We begin by understanding what your insurance needs are. Every client of ours is unique and needs vary greatly between them. Therefore, our team always stays up to date on the latest changes to the insurance industry and have mastered the ability to pinpoint a plan that will work best for you. We can shop for every insurance company that offers individual, group, and Medicare Supplement/Advantage plans. We then lay them out like a menu for you to choose what plan works best.

Each plan has different benefits, networks, advantages, and disadvantages.

We are capable of going over each and every point to make sure you understand what you are buying. Our brokers do not have an incentive to ever up-sell a plan either. This means that you can truly know we are finding the best plan for you. We shop all insurance companies like Hometown Health, United, Prominence, Anthem, Health Plan Nevada and others. This process can be completed in our office, over the phone, and by email to accommodate your busy schedule.

The reason we are a no-cost resource

It may sound too good to be true but our services cost nothing for you to use. This is because the insurance company pays us to administer your plan. Therefore, you would pay the exact same amount if you found a plan on your own as opposed to using us. By being your health insurance broker, you will avoid taking the time to try and work through the confusing plans and process to only end up missing some key information.

We will never charge you a fee or encourage you to enroll in a plan that we don’t genuinely believe will be the best fit for you. We have told several of our would-be clients to go with COBRA or another insurance that compensate us nothing because we believe it was the best thing for the client.

The insurance companies don’t charge an extra fee to use a broker. The main reason is that if you fully understand what you’re buying, you’re more likely to stay with the company, use the correct doctors, and have a generally good experience. Insurance companies understand this and they are willing to compensate us in order to explain the plans fully to you.


We are a continuing resource

The advantages to you do not stop after enrollment of a plan. Your broker can answer any problems, questions, and changes that happen during the year. We continue to provide you solutions in hopes to build a lasting relationship with our clients as your health insurance broker. This is so we can continue to provide you with new plans in the future when open enrollment begins.

Each year, you will need to renew your group or individual plan and the plans offered change every year.

Rates and options change each year for insurance companies as well. Our brokers stay on top of all the changes to the insurance industry. We do this so that when it does come time to renew, we can explain the plan and carrier changes. It’s best to evaluate the plan every year as the rates change and your insurance needs change. Whether you have become healthier, are taking a new prescription, or require new health services, we can look at the different plan options benefits to find the coverage you need.

This is the same for our group clients as well.

As your business grows and more employees need coverage, their needs will change. We will be able to review all the benefits of multiple plans by doing group health insurance quotes. This allows your business to offer different options for current and future employees. This means less stress on your HR department and more happy and healthy employees. Our office also handles all your enrollments and terminations. You simply send in the enrollment forms our termination requests and our office will handle the rest. This means no waiting on hold and being transferred around to different departments, wasting your time. We have representatives and contacts with these insurance companies to get group administration done quickly and correctly.

We can also provide our services for when you turn 65

As your health insurance broker, we want to provide you with insurance assistance throughout your entire life. This goes the same for when enrolling in Medicare. Medicare can be very confusing, and the timing of enrollment can mean the difference between being able to get on a plan or not. Just like viewing qualified health plans, our office will help you shop Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.

Our brokers can go over all the benefits, contributions, and premiums for each option.

This is so you get the plan that covers what you need and fits in your budget. If changes to the plan need to be made or plans need to be switched, we can help you complete that process as well.  We will also ensure that the timing of your enrollment matches up correctly. This means that you do not miss the enrollment period and thus, be denied coverage. It’s also important to make sure any individual or small business health insurance plan you have terminates timely.

There is no advantage to not using a health insurance broker

Our office has helped thousands of clients find the right plan to fit their insurance needs. In addition, we have been helping them for over 20 years in the Reno area. As your health insurance broker, we will ensure you are satisfied with your plan. We will always work toward providing you with our expertise now and in the future. It costs you nothing to use our services. If you are looking for insurance, there is no reason not to pick up the phone and have us help you find the solutions to your insurance needs. All of the information needed to connect with our office is located in the prior link. Explore our website and learn more about how we can find the right insurance for you.