Medicare Reno Plan Options If you are shopping around for Medicare, it can certainly be an overwhelming process. You often have multiple ads and packets arriving in your mailbox as well as commercials on TV. These advertisements also increase towards the end of the year pressuring you into switching your plan. It can really help… Read More

When you go shopping for life insurance there are plenty of things you need to look at when you apply for life insurance in Nevada. Where do I get life insurance? How much life insurance do I need? What is my reason for buying life insurance? All of these are valid questions we ask ourselves… Read More

There are plenty of different options for your health insurance in 2021. One of the most popular companies here in Northern Nevada is Hometown Health. They are one of the biggest local insurance companies in Nevada. They are owned by Renown and that means you get access to all of Renown’s doctors in the area.… Read More

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance in Nevada Whole life insurance can be a very confusing thing. There are two categories within the benefits of whole life insurance in Nevada. The two categories are living benefits and death benefits. The benefit people pay attention to the most is the death benefit. The reason is because that’s… Read More

The IRS recently released the benefit and contribution thresholds for people with 2021 Health Savings Accounts in Nevada. These thresholds change each year and impact two major aspects of your coverage: Each year, HSA-Compatible health plans must meet certain benefit requirements to qualify for pre-tax HSA contributions. To learn more about HSA’s, please click here.… Read More

Nevada Health Coverage There are generally three health insurance markets that our office can help you enroll in. Those are individuals and families, Medicare, and small groups. Depending on which market you are in, there will be various different Nevada health coverage options. Some insurance carriers operate in all three markets while some only sell… Read More

Medicare Part B Enrollment in Nevada In this article, I will be informing the reader about Medicare Part B Enrollment in Nevada.  There are harsh penalties if you do not sign up for Part B when originally eligible.  Medicare gives eligible beneficiaries ample time to sign up.  There is, however, a monthly premium that the… Read More

There are many different options for health care in Nevada. There is a lot of buzz in the community with new health plan options. We have heard many people interested in enrolling in Prominence in 2021. With access to some of the most popular hospitals in Nevada, Prominence in 2021 is shaping up to be… Read More

Medicare Supplement Reno Medicare Supplement in Reno covers the gaps that Original Medicare does not cover.  Original Medicare-Parts A and B cover 80%, while Medicare Supplement covers the remaining 20%.  In addition to gap coverage, Medicare Supplement has a broad range of providers to choose from.  Please look here to read a great description of… Read More