More and more companies are offering employee health insurance to their full time workers. Furthermore, the individual and family market has limited options for health care. These individual market plans also have very high premiums and are paid with post tax dollars. Because of this, people are shopping for jobs that offer employee health insurance… Read More

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The Affordable Care Act was implemented in January 2014. Since then, rates have steadily increased each year making major medical policies very expensive. Not everyone qualifies for government subsidies which  forces them to spend thousands of dollars each year in premiums. Because of this, consumers are looking for alternate insurance options to help reduce insurance… Read More

People who qualify for Medicare at 65 have multiple options. One of the options is called Part C Medicare Advantage. These plans for the most part include Part D drug coverage within the policy. The other type of policy is called Medigap. Medigap plans are also known as a Medicare Supplement plans. Medigap plans can… Read More

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Reno Doctors If you recently purchased a Reno health insurance policy during open enrollment, you will want to ensure you go to doctors that are contracted with your insurance. Although there may be many Reno doctors in your area, they may not all be covered. Ensuring the doctors that you do see are contracted, will… Read More

Nevada Health Insurance Plans Open enrollment for health insurance Nevada policies is now over for the upcoming 2019 year. Fortunately, in Nevada, this does not mean that you cannot still get a plan. Unlike other states, Nevada has a 90-day waiting period for individuals that want to enroll mid-year. Although, you can avoid this waiting… Read More

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Open Enrollment for Individuals and Families started on November 1st and ended on December 15th. If you missed the deadline and live in Nevada, you can still enroll in health insurance after Open Enrollment. Most states require consumers to have a Qualifying Life Event to enroll in health insurance mid year. Nevada allows people to… Read More

BBB Hometown Health Plan The Better Business Bureau will be teaming up with Hometown Health to provide new association health plans to small businesses in Northern Nevada. Due to changes and reforms made in Washington, small businesses in Nevada have seen many new association groups. This comes after Hometown announced the BANN association insurance group… Read More