Do you have an insurance policy through Prominence Health Plan? Are you also looking to reduce your wait time at the doctor’s office? Fortunately, Prominence Health Plan has a solution for you. Prominence Health Plan, a local insurance company in Northern Nevada, built two new medical facilities that can be exclusively used by their insured… Read More

Out of State Doctors with Nevada Insurance If you have an individual or family health insurance plan, you may be wondering if you can see out of state doctors with Nevada insurance. The short answer is no. Unfortunately, there is no individual plan that you can buy that has a national network. Although, it does… Read More

This article discusses the top 5 reasons to start a Group Plan. There are many more benefits to having a group plan. We recommend consulting one of our licensed brokers to see how group benefits can help your business grow. We do not charge any fees to help you shop and we will assist you… Read More

To qualify for a Medigap Plan or Medicare Advantage plan, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare. If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you are usually automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B in Nevada. It is important you enroll in both Parts A and B prior… Read More

Health insurance When Moving to Nevada Nevada continues to grow more and more with many people moving here from other states. One commonly forgotten item is whether or not their health insurance will cross state lines. Most insurance companies that offer health plans to individuals do not have a national network. A good example is… Read More

For health insurance plans the doctor’s list is everything. In the past indemnity plans have allowed you to go to any doctor and the insurance would cover it. Unfortunately, this means the doctor could bill whatever they wanted and the insurance companies had to pay it. After these plans became too expensive, insurance companies introduced… Read More

Are you tired of waiting weeks or months to get into the doctor? Most people in Northern Nevada are feeling the growing pains of more and more people moving here. With an influx of new residents from out of state, people are trying to find a way to shorten their wait time at the doctor.… Read More

As a plan administrator for a group health plan, there are many different rules and regulations you need to keep track of. Our brokerage does not charge any fees to help you understand these rules. Each year, your medical plan renews and employees can enroll in the plan during the Open Enrollment period. After the… Read More

Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan Nevada recently received yet another association option for small businesses. Prominence Health Plan will be backing the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Health Plan. Prominence has released numerous association health plans this year. Currently, Nevada is one of the leaders in the nation offering lower costing health plans… Read More

Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association Prominence Health Plan has created two new association health plans to provide alternative health insurance to small businesses. The Washoe County Medical Society Prominence Association is available for businesses to enroll in for a July 1st start date. Any small business that is part of the association may get… Read More