Short Term Nevada Policy In addition to clients asking about a short term Nevada policy, our brokers have even being solicited these plans over the phone. Even my own cell phone has received calls that have the same area code attempting to sell these products and you may have had a similar experience. Though the area code… Read More

In the world of health insurance, there are Open Enrollment periods when anyone can get a Reno health insurance plan. For individuals and families, Open Enrollment starts on November 1st and ends on December 15th for coverage starting January 1st. For Medicare beneficiaries, the Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th… Read More

The number of insured individuals is continuing to rise, and the supply of doctors is tapering or falling here in Northern Nevada. As a result, the wait times to see a doctor have taken a sharp increase. Many times it’s taking several months to get to a doctor that accepts same day appointments. It’s quickly… Read More

Group Health Insurance Companies Individuals and families were faced with a decrease in insurance options a couple of years ago. Although, the number of group health insurance companies has remained the same. Insurance companies did not experience the same instability in the group market as they did for individuals. The move left only three companies… Read More

The Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th for coverage starting January 1st. Most consumers wait for this time period to review their options with Medicare. Did you know people enrolling in Medicare Nevada plans can apply for certain policies at anytime of the year? There many rules when you… Read More

Nevada small businesses have been looking for every possible way to save money regarding healthcare expenses. They’re forming Association Health Plans to pool together and reduce the cost. Nevada small businesses are looking into alternative funding such as the Aetna Funding Advantage product. And it’s working. A large amount of savings has been realized by… Read More

Affordability Small business health insurance plans take care of your employees in multiple ways. Group health insurance Reno plans sponsored by your business can be deducted as a pretax expense through Section 125 of the IRS Code. This will help your business and your employees reduce the taxable income for the year. Furthermore, these small… Read More

Group Medical Insurance Our office handles many clients that are switching to a new category of insurance. Usually, a client is moving off of an employer plan and will go to an individual and family policy. They may also newly eligible to enroll in a group medical insurance plan after starting a new job. Although these… Read More

Last year Aetna piloted a new product designed to lower the cost for health insurance small business plans. It’s called the Aetna Funding Advantage. The main idea is to circumvent large parts of the Affordable Care Act requirements. They can do this by managing a large group, and adding subgroups (employers) under this umbrella. With this in mind,… Read More

On Tuesday, August 14th Nevada Health Link announced their new partnership with GetInsured. GetInsured will take over from beginning November 1st of 2019. This will be for plans starting January of 2020. The original online enrollment platform for Nevada Health Link was with Xerox Corporation in 2014. Xerox set up an enrollment platform to… Read More