Your health insurance plan has a lot of confusing terms. One of the major questions we get asked about is the difference between your deductible vs maximum out of pocket. Depending on the plan, these policy benefits may have different definitions. We recommend verifying this information with your plan’s summary of benefits. This article discusses… Read More

Nevada Health Link The Nevada Health Link is the state’s health insurance exchange. Here you can apply for a subsidized health insurance plan directly on their website. This means that based on your income, the government can pay for a portion of your premium. Your income will heavily affect how much of a subsidy you… Read More

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Original Medicare is also called Medicare (parts A and B). It comes from the federal government. It usually only covers about 80% of your medical expenses. To cover the other 20% many people have decided to buy a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans are also called part C plans. They almost always include prescription… Read More

One of the questions we routinely get is about the differences between deductibles vs copays on health insurance plans. Both benefits will appear as a flat rate amount on your health plan’s summary of benefits, but they have vastly different meanings. Furthermore, the out of pocket costs are significantly different when comparing deductibles vs copays.… Read More

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Health insurance has a lot of confusing terms and jargon. Many people ask us what the difference is between copays vs coinsurance. These names may sound similar but they are very different in definition. Also, the prerequisite requirements for these benefits can vary from plan to plan. This article discusses the basic definition between copays… Read More

Balance billing is sometimes called surprise billing. In the world of health insurance, balance billing is one of the worst situations you may experience. Also, it can happen on almost any health plan in the United States. Federally, there are no laws against balance billing on ACA-compliant health plans. Some states, like Nevada, recently passed… Read More