Insurance companies give you a better price for services if you use a doctor they have established a contract with. Therefore, these Doctors Lists are also called Provider Directories.  Your insurance company has doctors that they contract with called, "in-network doctors" (aka, on "the list").


Find a Reno Doctor: Knowing which insurance company covers which doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals are nearly impossible unless it’s your business. Fortunately, it is our business! Therefore, we’ve included a few helpful links in order to find a doctor covered by your insurance plan. Furthermore, please be aware that each insurance company has multiple “lists of doctors” aka Provider Directories, based on the plan you chose.

In addition, if the insurance company you’re looking for isn’t listed, please contact us and we will do our best to get you the most accurate information.



Depending on the type of plan you have, a visit to a Reno doctor not covered by your insurance or may be extremely expensive. It is therefore important to always visit doctors that your insurance company contracts with, no matter what type of plan you have. As a result, you will receive care at the lowest possible cost to you.

For PPO Plans

On your summary of benefits, there are usually two columns. From left to right, the first column is your cost in-network. The second column is the higher, out of network cost. Doctors who are part of the network are therefore cheaper to use for you and your insurance company. Due to the fact that they work with the insurance company, you will ensure that you save the most money for the service.

For HMO Plans

With an HMO, the doctors' list is especially important. If you are using an HMO and do not see your doctor on the list, the insurance company may not cover these services at all. Unless you are experiencing an emergency, it is best to seek treatment from in-network doctors. If there IS an emergency, you can see any doctor in the US and the insurance company will cover it as if you were in an in-network facility.


*Provider Lists can change dependent on insurance company’s discretion. An initial provider in-network classification of medical benefits is not always accurate. Furthermore, please consult your medical plan’s provider list before usage to confirm network eligibility. As always – please consult your insurance provider for more detailed information about your plan. This webpage is provided for informational purposes only.

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