Medicare Part C is an alternative way to receive Medicare benefits

What you need to know about Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is one of the different parts of Medicare. The different parts of Medicare help cover specific services. You have Medicare Part A, which is your hospital insurance; Medicare Part B, which is your medical insurance; and Medicare Part D, which provides prescription drug coverage. Did you know you can bundle them all together (and more) with Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage Plans?

Learn about Medicare Part C and how it might be right for your healthcare coverage needs.

Types of Medicare Coverage

There are three different types of Original Medicare coverage:

  • Part A: Hospital insurance
  • Part B: Medical insurance
  • Part D: Prescription drug coverage

Medicare Part A is usually premium-free, Part B has an income-adjusted premium, and the premium for Part D varies by plan. While Original Medicare coverage is still a great option, what if you want to have the benefits of all the parts without breaking them into multiple pieces? That’s where Part C comes in.

What is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C is a combination of Parts A, B, and often D with a few additional benefits thrown in. Think of it like a bundled package for Medicare. You might also hear it called a Medicare Advantage Plan. It’s a great option for those looking for comprehensive Medicare coverage.

Medicare Part C is designed to be an alternative to Original Medicare. Unlike Parts A, B, and D, Part C is only offered by private insurance companies. However, these plans are still approved by Medicare, so you don’t have to worry about sub-par coverage.

Not only do Medicare Part C plans include Parts A and B (and often Part D), but they can also provide additional benefits such as vision, dental, and hearing services, depending on the insurance provider. These plans also tend to have lower out-of-pocket costs compared to Original Medicare.

Like private health insurance policies, Part C plans come with a list of contracted doctors and facilities. You can only go to healthcare providers that are within your plan’s network. Make sure your preferred providers are covered before signing up for a Medicare Part C plan.

Is Medicare Part C right for you?

There are many benefits to bundling your Medicare coverage. If you think a Medicare Part C plan is right for you, you can shop for your perfect plan during the annual enrollment period between October 15 and December 7. And even better, you won’t be asked any health questions!

If you have questions or would like help finding the perfect Medicare Part C plan for your healthcare needs, contact an agent at Health Benefits Associates. We’re the Medicare experts in the Northern Nevada area and can help you compare plans to find the one that’s right for your needs. Call us today at 775-828-1216 to schedule an appointment.