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Nevada's Premiere Health Insurance Experts

Health Benefits Associates has been working with Nevada clients for over 25 years. Our 5 dedicated experts shop every insurance company doing business in Nevada to find you the best coverage at the most affordable price. Best of all, we don’t cost you anything! We are paid directly from the insurance companies and it does not affect the price of your plan.

Our brokers can help you with standard individual plans, subsidized insurance plans, group health or commercial plans, as well as dental and vision. Health insurance is changing daily. When a client contacts us, we want to find them the most affordable plans with coverage in their area that includes their doctor. We’re here to simplify the process and we don’t cost you a dime.





  • d miller Avatard miller

    We've been working with Jake Young for our health insurance needs for many years. He's extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and... read more - 4/23/2019 

    Marian Stogsdill AvatarMarian Stogsdill

    We recently moved to the Reno area to retire. After finding health Benefits Associates on line, I was lucky... read more - 3/27/2019 

    Lee Collins AvatarLee Collins

    Matt from Health Benefits Associates has been helping our family since moving to Reno 4 years ago. This year he... read more - 1/19/2019 

  • Geoffrey Baldwin AvatarGeoffrey Baldwin

    Being self employed, Matt Law has helped me find and manage the optimal health insurance plan that covers my needs... read more - 1/12/2019 

    Alan Topham AvatarAlan Topham

    Matt has been so helpful with our insurance over the years! If we have a question he answers it quickly... read more - 12/16/2018 

    SUE H. AvatarSUE H.

    With so many changes to health insurance, and with the new laws in place, Matt Law helped me to... read more - 12/13/2018 

  • jeremy Bellflower Avatarjeremy Bellflower

    Matt Law Truly takes indecipherable information and creates a easy to read, easy to understand menu. He then explains and... read more - 11/27/2018 

    Ben Pierce AvatarBen Pierce

    Matt concisely explains the complex insurance industry in a way that the normal consumer can make an educated decision on... read more - 11/21/2018 

    Danielle Shuster AvatarDanielle Shuster

    I would highly recommend working with this company. Matt is knowledgeable, efficient, and kind. He makes a lot of the... read more - 11/17/2018 

  • Patricia Kirby AvatarPatricia Kirby

    I have been working with Matt Law for over three years now and I can honestly say I do not... read more - 11/14/2018 

    Elise AvatarElise

    Matthew Law is the consummate professional with a personal touch. His knowledge, experience and commitment ALWAYS have me leaving a... read more - 11/08/2018 

    Thomas Kuracina AvatarThomas Kuracina

    A big THANK YOU to Matt Law for his guidance, knowledge and professionalism in navigating the private healthcare insurance market,... read more - 11/01/2018 

  • Sandra VanScott AvatarSandra VanScott

    I contacted Matt Law with a million questions about Health Insurance, he answered them quickly and easily. When I was... read more - 10/31/2018 

    Laura Petrucci AvatarLaura Petrucci

    Alex Sampson is a consummate professional and a "life-saver" in the crazy sea of health insurance options. He helped... read more - 10/16/2018 

    Lori Raschilla AvatarLori Raschilla

    Matt Law is fantastic. He is always available to answer questions and guide me through the complex insurance web. He... read more - 10/16/2018 

  • Michelle Baran AvatarMichelle Baran

    So happy to find this Group. Matt was knowledgeable and able to make me feel confident in the choices I... read more - 10/16/2018 

    Nancy Hart AvatarNancy Hart

    Grant Dodge was very knowledgeable and helpful -- he took time to meet with us, competently answered our... read more - 9/20/2018 

    Matt Ross AvatarMatt Ross

    I operate a small business (10 employees) and we recently got new healthcare and dental plans for all our employees.... read more - 9/17/2018 

  • Elyse Monroy AvatarElyse Monroy

    I have been working with Matt Law for about 6 months. He was very knowledgeable and helpful when I was... read more - 7/26/2018 

    Irene Blancaver AvatarIrene Blancaver

    Matt is very helpful! Any questions I had regarding my healthcare, he was always prompt to answer. Matt is great... read more - 7/24/2018 

    Kali Chandler AvatarKali Chandler

    JT, Alex & Grant are awesome to work with-- Always quick to respond, get stuff done and answer questions. I... read more - 7/02/2018 

  • Kathy AvatarKathy

    How refreshing to have someone like JT available to help me secure insurance. He is both knowledgeable and professional,... read more - 4/25/2018 

    Debbie Macrorie AvatarDebbie Macrorie

    Thank you JT for an incredible job in securing great insurance for my daughter after the close of OPEN ENROLLMENT.... read more - 4/06/2018 

    James Lewis AvatarJames Lewis

    Alex Sampson was awesome to work with! He was extremely knowledgeable and informative, not to mention patient and understanding. Can... read more - 4/04/2018 

  • Dot Boggio AvatarDot Boggio

    While attending an informational seminar regarding Medicare, I was given Matt Law's business card with Health Benefits Associates. I... read more - 3/23/2018 

    Abrar Khan AvatarAbrar Khan

    I initially went there to get health insurance that includes government subsidies but discovered that this company and its associates... read more - 3/03/2018 

    David Gibbens AvatarDavid Gibbens

    Alex was extremely helpful. With out his guidance I would have gotten the application wrong.

    He called and e mailed...
    read more - 1/30/2018 


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