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Nevada's Premier Health Insurance Experts

Health Benefits Associates has been working with Nevada clients for over 25 years. Our 5 dedicated experts shop every insurance company doing business in Nevada to find you the best coverage at the most affordable price. Best of all, we don’t cost you anything! We are paid directly from the insurance companies and it does not affect the price of your plan.

Our brokers can help you with standard individual plans, subsidized insurance plans, group health or commercial plans, as well as dental and vision. Health insurance is changing daily. When a client contacts us, we want to find them the most affordable plans with coverage in their area that includes their doctor. We’re here to simplify the process and we don’t cost you a dime.





  • Jackie Lopey AvatarJackie Lopey

    Moving to Nevada and navigating the health insurance marketplace has been a challenge. The first broker I contacted emailed me a table of all the health plans available; like I... read more - 10/15/2019 

    Daisy Goodrich AvatarDaisy Goodrich

    My health plan costs the same whether I go through HBA or get it on my own. I keep going back every year. Alex is knowledgeable, explains the pros and... read more - 10/15/2019 

    Patricia Eddy AvatarPatricia Eddy

    If you are new to Nevada and perplexed by health insurance here, call Matt Law at Health Benefits!

    After moving to Nevada this past March, I tried to research health...
    read more - 10/14/2019 

  • Ryan Ciesla AvatarRyan Ciesla

    Alex Sampson made buying health insurance easy. He was well informed, patient, and happy to explain anything we didn't understand. He helped us understand each plan and choose... read more - 9/16/2019 

    Hdurf running Durfee AvatarHdurf running Durfee

    Matt Law and his associates are so PATIENT and THOROUGH! I never would have thought that I and my husband could have walked out of a discussion about health... read more - 9/11/2019 

    Jaime Jirkovsky AvatarJaime Jirkovsky

    When my husband and I decided to move from California to Nevada, we had no idea of which direction to turn to look into our new health insurance. Jake... read more - 9/10/2019 

  • Danielle Talayka AvatarDanielle Talayka

    I'm so glad I reached out to HBA for help searching for a new family plan for our health coverage. Matt Law was a pleasure to work with. ... read more - 8/29/2019 

    V W AvatarV W

    My wife and I were very satisfied with the help Alex gave us in choosing a health care plan. He was friendly, responsive and discussed the pros and cons of... read more - 8/21/2019 

    Tracy Shuster AvatarTracy Shuster

    Alex and the whole team at Health Benefits are amazing to work with. Very professional, prompt and knowledgeable about the products. I highly recommend Health Benefits for all... read more - 8/08/2019 

  • Cindy England AvatarCindy England

    Matt Law, you go above and beyond to help make the confusion of insurance easy, uncomplicated and less stressful than trying to do it alone.
    I had a rather complicated situation,...
    read more - 8/08/2019 

    Eric Medgyesi AvatarEric Medgyesi

    Alex Sampson was extremely prompt and quick to get the information I needed. He answered all of my questions throughly and explained everything in detail, even with my very short... read more - 8/02/2019 

    Hannah Rothblatt AvatarHannah Rothblatt

    When faced with issues from our health insurance, Matt was able to provide prompt, courteous, and constructive assistance that gave us confidence during an otherwise frightful experience. He has been... read more - 7/31/2019 

  • Elizabeth Beltrami AvatarElizabeth Beltrami

    Jake Young was recommended by several of my friends. He helped me navigate through the many available Medicare supplements. He was well-prepared for our initial meeting and thoroughly explained the... read more - 7/26/2019 

    Jamie AvatarJamie

    Alex was awesome to work with. I have been struggling to figure out what insurance to get for our family and it was all so overwhelming and confusing I... read more - 6/24/2019 

    Austin Yount AvatarAustin Yount

    Grant was extremely helpful both in finding an insurance plan that would work best for me as well as getting enrolled. Will definitely be back when it's time to shop... read more - 6/20/2019 

  • Lisa Hernandez AvatarLisa Hernandez

    Alex was very helpful and knowledgeable and found me a good health plan at lower rates then what I was paying. Highly recommend! - 6/06/2019 

    Nancy Ticehurst AvatarNancy Ticehurst

    I have been working with Matt Law for over four years now. He is extremely proactive and efficient. His great knowledge, commitment, experience and high standard always have me walked... read more - 6/02/2019 

    Mary Beth Akers AvatarMary Beth Akers

    It was easy to register and pay for a new account. Matt was great and answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable about the insurance I purchased.... read more - 5/22/2019 

  • d miller Avatard miller

    We've been working with Jake Young for our health insurance needs for many years. He's extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and we couldn't be happier. My husband recently became eligible for... read more - 4/23/2019 

    Marian Stogsdill AvatarMarian Stogsdill

    We recently moved to the Reno area to retire. After finding health Benefits Associates on line, I was lucky enough to work with Jake Young. He was patient,... read more - 3/27/2019 

    Lee Collins AvatarLee Collins

    Matt from Health Benefits Associates has been helping our family since moving to Reno 4 years ago. This year he was fantastic in giving me the heads up on a... read more - 1/19/2019 

  • Geoffrey Baldwin AvatarGeoffrey Baldwin

    Being self employed, Matt Law has helped me find and manage the optimal health insurance plan that covers my needs (as much as is available). Matt has been extremely proactive.... read more - 1/12/2019 

    Alan Topham AvatarAlan Topham

    Matt has been so helpful with our insurance over the years! If we have a question he answers it quickly and in a way that makes sense! He has helped... read more - 12/16/2018 

    SUE H. AvatarSUE H.

    With so many changes to health insurance, and with the new laws in place, Matt Law helped me to understand the new medical insurance market. I lost... read more - 12/13/2018 

  • jeremy Bellflower Avatarjeremy Bellflower

    Matt Law Truly takes indecipherable information and creates a easy to read, easy to understand menu. He then explains and answers any questions in the same understandable manner. He makes... read more - 11/27/2018 

    Ben Pierce AvatarBen Pierce

    Matt concisely explains the complex insurance industry in a way that the normal consumer can make an educated decision on his/her policy. I appreciate all the follow up from Matt,... read more - 11/21/2018 

    Danielle Shuster AvatarDanielle Shuster

    I would highly recommend working with this company. Matt is knowledgeable, efficient, and kind. He makes a lot of the complicated information and confusing changes within the insurance marketplace transparent... read more - 11/17/2018 

  • Patricia Kirby AvatarPatricia Kirby

    I have been working with Matt Law for over three years now and I can honestly say I do not know what I'd do without him! He is efficient, patient,... read more - 11/14/2018 

    Elise AvatarElise

    Matthew Law is the consummate professional with a personal touch. His knowledge, experience and commitment ALWAYS have me leaving a meeting feeling confident that I am in the best plan... read more - 11/08/2018 

    Thomas Kuracina AvatarThomas Kuracina

    A big THANK YOU to Matt Law for his guidance, knowledge and professionalism in navigating the private healthcare insurance market, and now assisting in the transition to Medicare. ... read more - 11/01/2018 


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