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  • Kymmer AvatarKymmer

    Kyle was patient, easy to speak with and professional. He took the time to meet with me and I even brought a friend along! He showed us our options and... read more - 10/17/2020 

    Lou Millman AvatarLou Millman

    Kyle with Health Benefits Associates was very helpful for me when I retired and moved cross country in the same month. He was able to find out exactly what documents... read more - 10/16/2020 

    Bill Rieger AvatarBill Rieger

    I worked with Matt Law to replace an expiring COBRA policy. He was patient, thorough, and professional. Emails and calls were returned promptly. Because of his experience and networking,... read more - 9/30/2020 

  • Peter Lenz AvatarPeter Lenz

    Matt Law provided solid information about Medicare choices, was professional in demeanor but still very personable, and very easy to work with. - 9/30/2020 

    Lou Laverty AvatarLou Laverty

    If You are confused about Your Medicare coverage and add-on options, Kyle, Matt and the whole Crew here REALLY know how to clear it up and help You make an... read more - 8/25/2020 

    Genevieve Weeks AvatarGenevieve Weeks

    They are very professional and knowledgeable. Eager to help and answer all questions. I highly recommend their services. - 8/21/2020 

  • E P AvatarE P

    These are difficult times in many profound ways including getting set with Medicare (who woulda thought). After researching and a false start elsewhere, I found my way to Health Benefits... read more - 7/27/2020 

    Julie V AvatarJulie V

    Matt Law was instrumental in helping us find the right medical insurance when we moved to Nevada. We did not know where to start and when we found Health... read more - 7/21/2020 

    Becky Blank AvatarBecky Blank

    I had a fantastic experience working with Alex Sampson to get set up with a Medicare supplemental plan. He mad the transition so easy and explained every step along... read more - 5/21/2020 

  • Laura Williams AvatarLaura Williams

    I worked with Matt Law during my transition from Health Plan of Nevada to Medicare and choosing a supplemental and drug plan that was right for me. Matt began coaching... read more - 5/20/2020 

    Jack Hayes AvatarJack Hayes

    I highly recommend Matt Law. After almost 30 years of having my employer take care of our insurance I suddenly had a lot of decisions to make about Medicare, Medicare... read more - 5/06/2020 

    Alison Metcalf AvatarAlison Metcalf

    Alex at Health Benefits Associates was awesome! My mother moved from out of state and needed to get a new health insurance plan ASAP. Alex was so quick... read more - 5/02/2020 

  • S. Wong AvatarS. Wong

    Alex has assisted us in the past to find the right health insurance plan when my husband’s employer sponsored plan expired. This year, both my husband and I became... read more - 5/01/2020 

    Dorothy Hall AvatarDorothy Hall

    Are you in the middle of trying to figure out what to do about health insurance? Are you as confused as the rest of us? Seriously, contact these folks. I’ve... read more - 4/27/2020 

    Deb de Lancey AvatarDeb de Lancey

    Jake has been our trusted Health insurance adviser for many years. He always finds us the best plans each year. We have recommended him to others in need of a... read more - 12/27/2019 

  • Robert Bartoo AvatarRobert Bartoo

    I would like to thank Jake Young at Health Benefits Associates. Jake patiently guided us in selecting our future insurance policy. Don't know what we would of done... read more - 12/10/2019 

    Rebekah Wall AvatarRebekah Wall

    Matt goes above and beyond to help you with your insurance. He is thorough and so pleasant to work with. Insurance has always been an overwhelming process for me &... read more - 12/06/2019 

    Hannah McNeal AvatarHannah McNeal

    I highly recommend Alex Sampson from Health Benefits Associates! He is easy to get ahold of, by phone and email, quick reply. Available for appointments at the office which is... read more - 12/05/2019 

  • Peter Joyce AvatarPeter Joyce

    Alex Sampson did a great job listening to my Medicare needs and finding the right insurance for me. The process was fast and efficient. Alex explained all of... read more - 11/15/2019 

    Mike Harding AvatarMike Harding

    Matt Law has made the insurance process incredibly easy. He answers my questions promptly and finds the best deals possible. I highly recommend Health Benefits Associates based on my experience... read more - 11/06/2019 

    Karen Loomis AvatarKaren Loomis

    Alex Sampson is the BEST insurance broker I ever have worked with. Other insurance brokers have thrown a few insurance options my way, and then leave me to figure... read more - 11/04/2019 

  • Kristy Dominguez AvatarKristy Dominguez

    Matt is such a knowledgeable professional. He was able to answer all our insurance questions and helped us feel much more educated about insurance in Northern Nevada and the... read more - 11/03/2019 

    Lara Kasimiroff AvatarLara Kasimiroff

    My husband and I recently moved to Reno, Nevada and had a problem to figure out what medical coverage is good for us. We came to the Matt's Office and... read more - 11/01/2019 

    Jackie Lopey AvatarJackie Lopey

    Moving to Nevada and navigating the health insurance marketplace has been a challenge. The first broker I contacted emailed me a table of all the health plans available; like I... read more - 10/15/2019 

  • Daisy Goodrich AvatarDaisy Goodrich

    My health plan costs the same whether I go through HBA or get it on my own. I keep going back every year. Alex is knowledgeable, explains the pros and... read more - 10/15/2019 

    Patricia Eddy AvatarPatricia Eddy

    If you are new to Nevada and perplexed by health insurance here, call Matt Law at Health Benefits!

    After moving to Nevada this past March, I tried to research health...
    read more - 10/14/2019 

    Ryan Ciesla AvatarRyan Ciesla

    Alex Sampson made buying health insurance easy. He was well informed, patient, and happy to explain anything we didn't understand. He helped us understand each plan and choose... read more - 9/16/2019 

  • Hdurf running Durfee AvatarHdurf running Durfee

    Matt Law and his associates are so PATIENT and THOROUGH! I never would have thought that I and my husband could have walked out of a discussion about health... read more - 9/11/2019 

    Jaime Jirkovsky AvatarJaime Jirkovsky

    When my husband and I decided to move from California to Nevada, we had no idea of which direction to turn to look into our new health insurance. Jake... read more - 9/10/2019 

    Danielle Talayka AvatarDanielle Talayka

    I'm so glad I reached out to HBA for help searching for a new family plan for our health coverage. Matt Law was a pleasure to work with. ... read more - 8/29/2019 

Did You Know?

We Quote All Plans
Our brokers work with every major medical insurance plan in Nevada and will find the right policy for your needs and budget.
We Are Local
Health Benefits Associates has been assisting Nevadans for over 20 years at its Reno office.
We Charge Zero Fees
There is no extra cost to sit down with one of our licensed professionals. Our brokers know the market and have experience working with every insurance company in Nevada.

Major Medical Plans Cover:

Doctor Visits




Preventative Care

Maternity Benefits

Lab and Radiology Tests


Hospital Stays

Urgent Care Centers

Mental Health Services

Pre-existing Conditions

And more!

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Private individual medical insurance plans are available anytime, even outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. There are many different life events that may allow you to get a plan as soon as next month.


Private Medical Insurance Plans
  1. Private health insurance plans can be purchased through a broker (like us) as well as straight from the insurance company. It’s the same price no matter where it’s purchased. The difference is that we provide valuable knowledge as well as customer service that you just won't get with the insurance company.
  2. Insurance companies (such as Hometown Health and Health Plan of Nevada) sell private insurance plans throughout various counties in Nevada.
  3. Private health insurance plans are not involved with the health insurance marketplace. There are no income related questions and the price is only based on your age and zip code.
If the insurance offered at work pays for employees but not spouses or children, private individual medical insurance plans for dependents can be a great solution.
Did you know? If you had a qualified life event, you can begin coverage as soon as the first of next month. If not, coverage is still available with a 90-day waiting period. Speaking with a health insurance broker can determine if you are eligible.
* We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.