Part D Nevada For Medicare, Part D is the portion that covers your prescriptions. A separate drug plan is also known as a PDP policy. Original Medicare Parts A and B only cover your doctor visits and hospital expenses. This can leave a large gap in coverage for people that take medication. Enrolling in a… Read More

Zero Cost Medicare Plans in Nevada Medicare has many different coverage options for those eligible and one particular option is a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans really do not charge their members a monthly premium. When I tell my clients this, I am often met with skepticism. Most people have come to the conclusion that… Read More

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Medicare Enrollment Period There are many different Medicare enrollment period acronyms that can often be confusing for Medicare members. Depending on which period you are in, you will have different choices to select or change your coverage. This could be an option to select any sort of coverage that is available or you may only… Read More

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Group Insurance Enrollments As a health insurance broker, our services do not stop at finding you a health plan. Owners and administrators can often be swamped with work and tasks that are difficult and time-consuming. Administering your health plan does not have to be one of them. Your insurance broker should be offering a host… Read More

HSA Plans and Deductibles Many people I speak with often focus on the deductible of the health insurance policy they are considering. The deductible can often be used to determine how rich or “good” the plan is. While this can often be the case, many people can be easily confused by HSA plans. These plans… Read More

Association Health Plans in Nevada These plans became a big part of the Nevada health insurance industry in 2019. Association plans were lower costing small business health policies that allowed industry related businesses to join together. When these groups of businesses pooled together, they could operate under one large group and get lower rates from… Read More