The Costs of IRMAA in Nevada

Many people enrolled in Medicare are receiving IRMAA in Nevada. IRMAA, which stands for Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, applies to people in higher income brackets. Also these income brackets for IRMAA in Nevada are not the same as your standard tax brackets with the IRS. Depending on your situation, you may be able to reduce your IRMAA.

Every year, the Social Security Administration will determine your eligibility. Since IRMAA applies to people in higher income brackets, IRMAA recipients do not qualify for the Extra Help Program or Supplemental Social Security payments. Also, the standard IRMAA eligibility is based on a 2 year look back period. If tax information is not available for a 2 year look back, the Social Security Administration will base eligibility on a 3 year look back. Also, the IRMAA calculation is based on the member’s Modified Adjusted Gross Income.


If you are eligible for IRMAA in Nevada, Part B of Medicare will cost more per month. Meanwhile, there are no IRMAA costs for Part A. If you are receiving Social Security payments, your Part B premium and Part B IRMAA will be deducted from your Social Security check. If you are not receiving Social Security yet, you will receive a invoice every quarter for your Part B premium and Part B IRMAA.


Part D allows people who are eligible for Medicare to get drug coverage. If you are required to pay for Part B IRMAA, you will also incur Part D IRMAA charges when enrolled in a drug plan. Just like Part B IRMAA in Nevada, you will pay Part D IRMAA directly to the government.

For example, here is a graph outlining the costs for Part B and Part D IRMAA in 2024:

Starting in 2023, certain Medicare beneficiaries receiving immunosuppressive drugs will have different Medicare premiums for Part B and D. Also, married couples filing their taxes separately will
have different IRMAA calculations. To learn more about these different thresholds, please click here.

How to Appeal IRMAA in Nevada

When you receive your IRMAA determination notice, the letter will describe your appeal rights. Usually, the Social Security Administration requires people to call them within 10 days if their IRMAA eligibility is inaccurate. Here are the most common reasons that people file appeals with IRMAA in Nevada:

  • The beneficiary experienced a life changing event that caused a significant reduction in their Modified Adjusted Gross Income.
  • The Social Security Administration used 3 year old income data and the beneficiary can supply a copy of their Federal income tax return from 2 years ago.
  • An amended income tax return was filed for the year being used to calculate IRMAA eligibility.
  • There was an error in the information provided to Social Security Administration by the IRS.
  • The beneficiary had a filing status of “Married, Filing Separately” and reports living apart from his or her spouse at all times during that tax year.

Usually this appeal process cannot be used if you recently sold a home and received income from that sale.

If one of these circumstances occurred to you, we recommend calling the Social Security Administration to appeal your IRMAA. The phone number for the Social Security Administration is (800) 772-1213. You can also download the appeal form online. the form is called the SSA-44 form. This form can be located on the Social Security Administration’s website.