Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Enrollment in Nevada

Many of our health insurance Nevada members ask about the earliest dates they can sign up for the Medicare Nevada Part D. This is Medicare’s prescription drug benefit. When this benefit takes effect depends on when someone signs up before, during, or after their 65th birthday. The different timeframes for insured Nevadans are outlined below.

Eligibility During Your Birthday Month

Nevadans can sign up for Medicare Part D up to three months before they turn 65. For these applicants, the benefit will start on the first day of their birthday month. If the applicant waits to sign up until their birthday month, the benefit will start on the first day of the month following their birthday month. For example, if an applicant turns 65 in October and signs up during the month, their prescription drug benefit will be available on November 1st.
Applicants who wait until after their birthday month have two additional months to make a timely enrollment. Up to 60 days after their birthday, Nevadans can submit an application to enroll to receive this benefit. Following their application, the prescription drug benefit starts on the first of the month following their sign-up date. Applicants who do not sign up for this benefit within three months after their initial signup period must wait until the annual “Open Enrollment” period.

Signing up for Medicare’s Prescription Drug Benefit

If you are in the planning stages of signing up for Medicare Part D in Nevada, you may want to consult a professional. Working with a professional can help you decide on a prescription drug plan. All Medicare prescription drug plans require Federal Government approval. These approved drug plans are only available through private health insurance companies.
Many private companies offer prescription drug plans, with many offering multiple options. Different plans cover different medication, which is particularly important to people using non-preferred, brand-named, or high-cost prescription drugs. If this applies to your prescriptions, pay attention to these lists of covered drugs. Generally, lower cost drug plans will not have the same coverage as higher-cost ones.

Connect with a Professional to Choose the Right Medicare Part D Plan

If you are looking for help choosing a prescription drug plan, we’re here for you. Our Reno office has access to the state’s top Medicare Part D professionals. These experts have access to all plan information offered in Nevada. We can connect you to these professionals who can help you select a plan based on the prescriptions you currently use. Our office can also help enroll you in a Medicare Supplement Reno or Medicare Advantage Reno plan.
Contact us for Medicare plan help. We look forward to helping you choose the right plan!