Medicare Nevada

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Medicare IRMAA Appeal

  Original Medicare parts A and B are not free. When you work in the US, there is a deduction in your paychecks for Medicare taxes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make Medicare free once you turn 65. The truth is, they… Read More

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Medicare Nevada Plans and Parts

Getting a Medicare Nevada Plan One of the types of health care is Medicare. Medicare Nevada helps people over 65 get health care. People getting Social Security Disability payments may also get Medicare plans. Medicare Nevada plans have health care… Read More

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Medicare Part D Enrollment in Nevada

Many of our health insurance Nevada members ask about the earliest dates they can sign up for the Medicare Nevada Part D. This is Medicare’s prescription drug benefit. When this benefit takes effect depends on when someone signs up before, during,… Read More

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Annual Medicare Check-Up

Did you know that you are able to get quality Annual Medicare Check-Up at no cost to you?  Well, you can! Once you enroll in Part B of Medicare, you have twelve months during which you are entitled to an… Read More

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Nevada Health Insurance Broker

Health Insurance Broker Why would you want to use a health insurance broker? Best coverage for the lowest price You may be thinking that health insurance, just like auto insurance, seems straightforward enough. You purchase the least expensive one that… Read More

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Prominence Individual Health Insurance 2018

Prominence Individual Health Medical Insurance here in Reno, Nevada, has made the decision to exit the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange ( and the federal health insurance Exchange Marketplace ( at midnight on December 31st, 2017. This leaves just two health… Read More

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