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Why would you want to use a health insurance broker?

Best coverage for the lowest price

You may be thinking that health insurance, just like auto insurance, seems straightforward enough. You purchase the least expensive one that covers everything you need it to, and you’re all set! I wish it were that simple.

Half of the problem with health insurance is knowing how to use it. Health insurance plans only work with certain doctors, and each plan pays differently for medications. So when you look at a few different plans and think, “Does this cover everything I need?” usually that’s a difficult question to answer.

How a Health Insurance Broker is paid

The insurance companies know that their plans are not easy to understand so they compensate us, as health insurance brokers, to help you understand the plan. This does not increase the price for you. The person who isn’t using a health insurance broker is paying the exact same amount as the person who uses a health insurance broker.

Comparing each company

The reason we’re called a health insurance broker is that we’re able to compare multiple insurance companies. Anthem is not going to show you the rates from Hometown Health, and Prominence won’t let you know they don’t cover your prescriptions… and so on. As an independent 3rd party, we have no problem laying out the pros and cons of each company.

Saving money

Our goal is to save our clients money. Whether it’s at the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy counter or with the insurance company, we don’t want out clients paying any more than absolutely necessary.  For our clients with higher medical needs, a more expensive plan could save them the most in the long run.

Now and in the future

We’ve been around 20 years and we’ve seen a lot of insurance companies come and go. As you get older your medical needs change, prices change and your plan should change with it. We can help now and in the future.

To summarize, health insurance brokers are here to simplify insurance. We don’t cost anything to use, we compare each insurance company and we are available now and in the future. Using a broker has never been easier. The first step is to give us a call. We help with individuals and health insurance small business plans. We are able to generate free group health insurance quotes.