Group Health Insurance Quotes

Group Health Insurance Quotes

Looking for health insurance for your small business?

Are you looking to make sure that you and your company have the best group health insurance quotes? A Health Insurance Broker at Health Benefits Associates (HBA) can help. We can help you compare plans from one year to the next.

HBA uses the latest group health insurance software to build exclusive comparison illustrations. This software can compare benefits as well as rates. These rates are for every small business health insurance plan and the Insurance Commissioner in Nevada approves each of these plans. These easy to understand illustrations show the differences in the benefits for up to three plans per page. They also include a breakdown of the monthly cost per employee.

Health Benefits Associates quotes every health insurance plan every year. We do this for each one of our clients using this exclusive software. Because we have access to all group health insurance quotes/rates that are filed with the Nevada Division of Insurance, we can locate the best small business health insurance plans. We base them on the employer’s health insurance requirements and the preferred plan benefits chosen by the employer.

We will email you the group health insurance quotes as a printable attachment.

In addition, all our services are free to use. There are basic items to start the quote process. Those being current census information and an estimated start date for the new plan.

To make the process simple, you can fill out a group Reno health insurance quotes request form here. There are a few basic questions on this single page form. The questions include the decision about the plan type, the preferred deductible(s), and the primary doctor office copay. They also have the option to have dental, vision, life, and disability quoted in addition to your medical benefits.

There is a basic employer information section at the top of the form. In it is a question about the Nevada Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report. Here is a sample of this report. All Nevada group health insurance companies have participation requirements. This means that a minimum number of employees must be on the plan.

Insurance companies use this to confirm required minimum participation for a plan.

Most health insurance companies require that 100% of the eligible employees sign up for the new group plan. They require this if the Nevada Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report shows 5 or less full-time employees. If the report shows between 6 and 50 full-time employees, 75% of the employees must enroll. Although, employees that regularly work less than 30 hours per week do not have to enroll. This is also true if they have health insurance somewhere else. You do not need to include these employees in your participation count.

The plan types shown on the group health insurance quotes questionnaire include HMO – Health Maintenance Organization plans. It also includes PPO – Preferred Provider Organization and POS – Point of Service plans. We will also have an option for the least expensive plan.

Here is more about PPO, HMO, and POS plans. If you would like to see the most competitively priced plan then the least expensive plan box would be appropriate.

Choosing an HMO plan comes with restrictions. Your employees should use in-network doctors and facilities for their medical care. Emergency services at out-of-network facilities are on most HMO plans. Therefore after the emergency, they should use an in-network doctor. HMO plans offer a list of available doctors to new members. The new member should use this same doctor for all regular medical visits. There are also restrictions to see a specialist. To do this, you need a referral from your primary doctor. This is how most HMO plans work.

If you choose a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan, the list of available physicians is usually larger.

The premium also higher when compared to HMO plans with similar benefits. You do not need a referral from your doctor on a PPO plan. Therefore, you can see a specialist anytime. Some specialists ask that your doctor give the okay before setting an appointment. Although, the insurance company doesn’t require a referral from your doctor for the visit to an in-network specialist. PPO plans do allow their members to visit non-contracted physicians and facilities. The increased deductibles and maximum out of pocket amount shown on the quote will come into play. Most PPO plans do not have co-pay benefits for any non-contracted physician or facility.

The Point of Service (POS) plans give their insured members the benefits of both the HMO and the PPO plans. Most POS plans have lower HMO-style co-payments to the providers. This is only true if the insured member uses one of their HMO physicians or facilities. Higher co-pays are available if the insured member uses a physician or facility on their POS list. In addition, if the insured member uses a non-contracted physician or facility, the benefits are similar to a PPO plan.

Your choice of deductible will also influence the monthly costs on your group health insurance quotes.

Higher deductible plans from many companies have a lower monthly premium. Employers are using higher deductible plans more frequently now. This is because many medical services are available to their employees with an immediate copayment. This comes without the need to satisfy the higher deductible.

Doctor office copay choices include copays from $10 to $75 for a doctor visit. Like the deductible, the higher the copay, the lower the monthly premium. All small business health insurance plans have specific benefits. These are set by the insurance companies. Most plans with low deductibles will have lower copays for doctor visits. They also come with higher deductible plans that have higher copays for doctor visits.

The Census Data section of this form asks for the employee names. This can be first name, last name, or both, depending on your preference. The name will show in the detailed rate sections of the group health insurance quotes.

The most important section of this part will be the dates of birth.

You must complete this for the employee as well as their dependents. All dependent children that are under the age of 15 will have the same rate. Although, this depends on the plan selected. All new insured members between the ages of 15 and 65 have age-based premiums. This is as of the start date of the plan. Families with more than 3 children pay the monthly rate for only the 3 oldest children. Children between the ages of 21 and 26 can still be on their parent’s plan if they so choose. Their rate will also be based on their age. In addition, members over the age of 65 pay the same rate as a 65-year-old employee.

100% of this information is confidential. We never share it with a third party.

Once completed, please fax this form to us at 775-828-1277. If you would like to scan and send it, our secure address is Please don’t hesitate to substitute your own data for this part of our form. It is no problem if your census data is in another format. Please call our office at 775-828-1216 if you have any issues. We’d like to answer any questions that you have. After completion, we can make personalized group health insurance quotes for you.

Your customized illustration will let you compare the benefits and the rates from multiple health insurance companies. These illustrations will help you make the final decision about which plan (or plans) you would like to use. In addition, most health insurance companies will let you choose up to three plans per plan year. We would like to show you the most popular as well as competitively priced plans available.

We look forward to helping you review the most competitive health insurance Nevada plans.