When to Start Shopping for Medicare in Nevada

The Social Security Administration recommends that consumers start shopping for Medicare in Nevada 3 months prior to Part B eligibility date. Before you start shopping for Medicare in Nevada, it is important to understand the entire Medicare process.

People who want Medicare Advantage Plans or Medigap plans must enroll in both Part A and Part B. Sometimes, people are automatically enrolled in both parts, making the Medicare process quick and easy. Once you enroll in Part A and B, you will receive your Medicare Card in the mail. You will need your Medicare Card before you can apply for a Medicare plan.

Part A Enrollment

To qualify for Medicare plans, you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B. People will qualify for Part A for free if they have worked and paid taxes for more than 10 years in their life. If you qualify for Part A for free, you will be automatically enrolled in Part A at 65.

Part B Enrollment

If you are receiving Social Security payments before or at 65, you should be automatically enrolled in Part B. If you are not receiving Social Security payments until after 65, you will need to proactively enroll in Part B. To get Part B, you will need to contact the Social Security Administration and apply. The best ways to get Part B are:

-Enroll on their website by completing this application.

-Go into a local Social Security Administration Office. (We recommend that you schedule an appointment time in advance so you do not have to wait long).

-Call the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213. (On hold times are long with the Social Security Administration. We recommend that you call early in the morning when you have a few hours to spare.)

If you are enrolled in a group health insurance plan and want to delay your Medicare enrollment, do not enroll in Part B yet. Please consult one of our licensed brokers for advice if you have a plan through your job and want Medicare coverage.

Your Medicare Card

Once you are enrolled in both Part A and B, you will receive your Medicare Card in the mail. Your Medicare Card will list your Name, your unique Medicare Claim Number, Part A start date, and Part B start date. You will need this card to complete an application and enroll in a Medicare plan.

These cards are usually mailed out about 2-3 months prior to your 65th birthday. As you receive a lot of Medicare solicitations in the mail, it is important to make sure you do not throw away this card. If you lose your card and need to order a new one, please contact the Social Security Administration. It make take up to a month for you to receive a new card in the mail.

Shopping for Medicare in Nevada

There are two main options when shopping for Medicare in Nevada:

Part C Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap Plans paired with a Standalone Part D Drug Plan

There are many different carriers and plans available in the market. To receive the most up to date information, we recommend that you contact us to understand your options. Our brokers work with every insurance company in Nevada and can help you find the plan that is best for you. We do not charge any fees to help you enroll and will help answer any questions you have during the year.