Nevada’s Medicare market is expanding in the best of ways! In general, benefits are going up on most Medicare Advantage plans. Also, Medicare Advantage plans are available in new counties in 2021. Medicare Supplement premiums increase every year, but they are much lower in Nevada compared to other states. If you are looking to enroll… Read More

People who are enrolled in Part A and Part B of Medicare have a few different options for private insurance. Many people at the age of 65 enroll in Medicare Supplement plans. With the new MACRA legislation that went into effect on 1/1/2020, most Medicare beneficiaries want to enroll in the Plan G. In Nevada,… Read More

Nevada Health Link in 2021 is the State Exchange website in Nevada. The State Exchange website is for people who need government assistance on their health insurance plan in the individual and family market. Eligibility for government assistance is based on many different aspects. The main factors that determine your eligibility through Nevada Health Link… Read More

If you are shopping in Reno for Health Insurance in 2021, we can help! Our local office in Northern Nevada helps people navigate the complex world of health care. Our 7 licensed brokers also contract with every major medical insurance company. Also, we do not charge fees! Our team can help you with the following… Read More

In Northern Nevada’s health care market, Renown is on the forefront of people’s minds. People specifically choose health plans with access to Renown doctors. Fortunately, Renown owns two insurance companies: Hometown Health and Senior Care Plus. Since both insurance plans are owned by Renown, all insured members on these plans have access to Renown doctors.… Read More

Renown is one of the largest hospital groups in all of Nevada. Did you know they own a few insurance companies as well? If you live here in Nevada, you have probably heard of Senior Care Plus. Senior Care Plus offers Renown Medicare plans to local Nevadans who qualify for Part A and Part B… Read More

Did you know that Renown owns an insurance company that sells Medicare Advantage Plans? If you are actively enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can apply for a Renown Medicare plan. To apply for Renown Medicare plans, you must also live in certain counties in Nevada. If you want to apply for… Read More

Starting January 1, 2020 Renown is offering a new Medicare Advantage Plan. The new Medicare Advantage Plan is called the Renown Preferred Plan. There are many aspects of the Renown Preferred Plan that cannot be found anywhere else in Nevada. If you qualify for Medicare, we recommend reviewing this policy as an option for you.… Read More

  Health insurance is expensive! Fortunately, there is a way to save money while getting major medical coverage with a 2021 Health Savings Account in Nevada!       Major Medical Plans In a Nutshell Major medical plans come in many different forms. For the most part people get plans through their employer. As of… Read More

There are many different options for health care in Nevada. There is a lot of buzz in the community with new health plan options. We have heard many people interested in enrolling in Prominence in 2021. With access to some of the most popular hospitals in Nevada, Prominence in 2021 is shaping up to be… Read More