Nevada Health Insurance Quotes

Know Before You Buy

Nevada Health Insurance Quotes

Different health insurance plans will require different information to enroll. This can range from basic items such as your address and date of birth or be more specific such as your income or health related info. When filling in an application, the types of questions asked will give you insight into what you are really buying. Going over this with a no cost health insurance broker can help avoid purchasing a bad policy. Our office can also produce Nevada health insurance quotes for no cost as well.

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed issue means that an application cannot be denied based on your health conditions. For a plan to be qualified, it must be guaranteed issue. All health insurance Nevada policies are regulated by the Nevada Division of Insurance. If the policy is asking you about health conditions, the state does not consider it real insurance or qualified. Private and qualified health insurance plans will not ask you health or income questions to determine eligibility. All Nevada health insurance quotes that come out of our office are qualified plans.

Red Flags

Although it is imperative to have health coverage, there are many policies to avoid when shopping for coverage. Plans that are very inexpensive or seem too good to be true are almost always exactly that. A policy that only costs fifty to a hundred dollars a month will not pay for medical bills due to a serious injury or illness. These plans have long lists of exclusions to avoid paying out claims. In addition, plans that state they cover any doctor should be avoided. This is because the company selling the policy does not have contracts with providers. The company reimburses you after you have already paid a medical bill. Traditional insurance does not work this way.

If you are interested in enrolling in a policy or have questions about a plan, please call our office. As a Reno health insurance broker, we can provide you with an expert opinion at no additional cost. We help our clients while they are enrolled and are contracted with every major insurance company. In addition, our office can help you enroll in newly passed association health plans.