Medicare Advantage AEP

Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period

Medicare Advantage AEP

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for Medicare Advantage plans is here! This is a time where you can switch to a Medicare Advantage plan freely without health questions. Medicare Advantage AEP lasts from October 15th to December 7th. Generally, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans cover most services Original Medicare covers but also include drug coverage. These plans help pay for numerous medical services usually only requiring you to pay a small copay or sometimes nothing at all. In addition, many of these plans do not charge a monthly premium. Many people on a fixed income can really benefit from a Medicare Advantage plan.

Who Is Eligible?

Generally, if you have Medicare parts A and B then you can most likely enroll. The key is to put in an application before the end of the Medicare Advantage AEP. If you miss out, you may have to wait until the end of next to find a plan. There are other less likely events that can allow you to enroll mid-year. This includes recently becoming eligible for Medicare, moving outside the service area for your current plan, a change in Medicaid assistance, and many others. If you have a Medicare Supplement plan or also known as a Medigap plan, you can also switch to an Advantage plan. The biggest advantage of doing so is your monthly premium can be significantly less. You may also get dental, vision, and hearing coverage included in the policy at no extra charge. Supplemental plans rarely have this without an additional fee.

How to Enroll During AEP

The easiest way is to speak with a health insurance broker. Our brokers are licensed with every carrier that is offering plans here in Nevada. It is a very quick and easy process to determine over the phone whether or not a Medicare Advantage plan would be good for you. In addition, we can set appointments here in our office to go over your options face to face and help you complete applications. We do all of this at no additional charge to you. There are zero fees for our services and you will always pay the same amount for your plan whether or not you use us.