Original Medicare parts A and B are not free. When you work in the US, there is a deduction in your paychecks for Medicare taxes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make Medicare free once you turn 65. The truth is, they are not free. In fact, if you’re earning a higher income in the years before… Read More

  One of the most expensive emergency medical services received isn’t provided by a doctor at all. In an emergency, there’s no “shopping around” for this medical service. Once it’s billed you could be on the hook for thousands.    Care Flight is the most used air ambulance service in Reno and Lake Tahoe. REMSA,… Read More

  Healthcare can be a significant cost for individuals over 65 years old. One of the best ways to help reduce that cost is by purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan. But what happens when the Medicare Supplement plan becomes more and more expensive? What problems come up when changing medicare supplement plans? Changing Medicare Supplement… Read More

Original Medicare is also called Medicare (parts A and B). It comes from the federal government. It usually only covers about 80% of your medical expenses. To cover the other 20% many people have decided to buy a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans are also called part C plans. They almost always include prescription… Read More

Nevada Healthcare is reaching its breaking point. As our taxes continue to stay low and our economy continues to surge, we’re as thankful as ever for the influx of new people. Last year over 22,000 people moved from California alone! These people need homes, jobs, they buy local products and see local doctors. Our economy… Read More

In Nevada, many small business owners have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to health insurance. They don’t like it, many don’t understand it and even worse, many don’t have anyone they can trust who understands it. Payroll and benefits are usually the single largest expense for employers. And outside of wages,… Read More

Health insurance technology is still very much behind the times. As of 2020, we’re still seeing the majority of reno health insurance companies insist on having employees complete paper enrollment forms. Anthem has a seven-page enrollment form. United includes 4 pages. These don’t include any health questions. All they’re asking for is who you are,… Read More

There are numerous changes to the new Nevada Medicare 2020 plans. Specifically, Nevada Medicare 2020 Advantage plans change a little bit every year. Doctors may stop offering specific insurance or might begin accepting a certain plan. Prescriptions might become covered, or they stopped covering a prescription. There may be Medicare changes listed on the summary… Read More

Each year insurance companies come out with new changes. In the past, members could keep the same plan from year to year. Now, in order to comply with federal law, they have to change. Federal law requires them to stay inside specific guidelines. These have to fall into metal categories, such as bronze plans, silver… Read More