For those who love the Silver State as much as we do at Health Benefits Associates, here’s a true find. It’s a Reno craft show where you’ll find stained glass depicting the colorful beauty of Nevada to own. You’ll also get to shop and find eye-catching jewelry in the shape of our beloved home. They… Read More

How to Change Your Medicare Plan Can you change your Medicare plan? Yes, but there are always deadlines approaching to do so! This reminds me of one of my favorite subjects: ice cream. Oh, how I wish I could be asked to write about that! Well, this ties in with Baskin-Robbins, which may not be… Read More

Northern Nevada Medical Center Update It started small. Sparks Family Hospital opened in 1983. Northern Nevada Medical Center then became one of the main hospitals of Prominence Health Plan. Now they’re weeks away from opening up a gleaming new hospital in south Reno. The new Sierra Medical Center will offer heart, cancer, childbirth service, injury… Read More

Reno’s newest medical group is readying #5   Pinnacle Medical Group’s first general practitioner clinic opened just last year, the latest in June. Today, the expansion of this innovative primary care group is still on the fast track. The Pinnacle Medical Group opens its newest Reno Health Clinic in North Valleys in February or March… Read More

  * As of 02/02/2022, Anthem and Northern Nevada have come to an agreement meaning Northern Nevada Medical Group is in-network for Anthem products. Below is a more detailed explanation of what when on during negotiations.*       Northern Nevada Medical Center is on track to open a new hospital in south Reno this… Read More

Health insurance When Moving to Nevada Nevada continues to grow more and more with many people moving here from other states. One commonly forgotten item is whether or not their health insurance will cross state lines. Most insurance companies that offer health plans to individuals do not have a national network. A good example is… Read More

  Welcome to Nevada! Since you might not know, when you move, you will need to find a health insurance plan that is available in that area.  But how do you go about purchasing health insurance when moving to Nevada?   Listed below are the steps to follow when you are looking for plans here… Read More

Change, like healing, takes time. Or as the Prominence Health Plan website itself notes, “Change is often not easy.” No doubt many people rightfully concerned about their health plan can attest to that. On August 17th 2021, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center announced they terminated their contract with Prominence HealthFirst. That means the hospital is… Read More

New Medicare Advantage Companies in 2022   There are plenty of changes coming to Medicare in 2022. There will also be new Medicare Advantage companies in 2022 as well! In total, there are now 9 companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans in Northern Nevada. I will be going over all of them and highlighting a… Read More

Guide for Signing up on Nevada Medicare   There are a lot of negative connotations with getting older. But I am here to give you some great news. Getting on to Medicare is not one of those negative things. Before you turn 65, you will be flooded with offers from all sorts of companies.  That’s… Read More