Hometown Health currently offers plans to individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. If you have Hometown Health benefits, you may qualify for added perks. As a local insurance company focused on wellness, their plans include added benefits to keep you healthy all year round. Most major medical plans only cover the required benefits on their… Read More

Medicare and Long Term Care As we age and medical advances extend our lives, the odds of having a medical need increase every year. In particular, women are at higher risk as they live longer. Many clients ask about Medicare and Long Term Care and whether or not it is covered. In short, Medicare does… Read More

What Original Medicare Doesn’t Cover When composing this article, I didn’t know which way to go. Such as writing an article about items covered or what original Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare’s website lists the majority of covered services. To see them, go to https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/is-your-test-item-or-service-covered. There you can browse through over 100 topics. Many services and… Read More

Faith Based Plans in Nevada There are many types of health policies that you can buy in Nevada. Of course, you have your traditional health insurance that covers large major medical expenses as well as other less expensive medical services. There are also faith based plans in Nevada that you can purchase. These are plans… Read More

Moving to Nevada It can be difficult to know how your health insurance needs will be met when moving to a new state. More than likely your plan will either not continue once you move out of the service area or not cover you properly. There are also many variables to consider when moving such… Read More

Cobra and Part B As you approach age 65, you should start thinking about COBRA and Part B for Medicare Nevada Plans. Each of them may have a serious effect on your medical coverage and cost. There is an interplay between them, and you want to get it right. Looking to Retire? Unless you plan… Read More

Options for health insurance in Carson City Those living in Carson City have very similar insurance carrier choices as the rest of the state. Although, your monthly premium and network of doctors and facilities will vary greatly. Whether or not a plan is a good choice depends on if it fits your budget and if… Read More

Every year, individuals and families shop for health care during the Open Enrollment Period. After Open Enrollment ends, you can still get health care coverage mid year. If you experienced a Qualifying Life Event you might be able to get affordable health insurance starting next month! Also, there are many different types of health insurance… Read More

As a health insurance broker, technology over the last 5 years has completely changed my job description. It’s drawn a large gap between those with and those without the knowledge. The tech savvy insurance brokers who understand the advancements are at least 10x more effective with their jobs. However, those without put their clients in… Read More

Nevada Online Health Insurance Quotes Spending a significant amount of time trying to find insurance quotes can be very frustrating. The majority of websites will log your information and sell this to third parties. You may start receiving numerous phones calls from other companies trying to sell you low-quality products. In addition, you probably won’t… Read More