From Baseball Dreams to Making Health Insurance Easy: Spark’s Kyle Devries

Kyle’s family background was in health. Today he helps his clients make a big decision in their life

Working out of HBA’s Sparks, Kyle Devries is one of the true locals in health insurance: “My parents moved here when I was three months old so I still consider myself a native Nevadan. I used to live over by Disc Drive over in Sparks and that used to be the edge of town. Wingfield was just being built. Spanish Springs might as well have been another state. We used to walk our dog in the hills off of Vista where D’Andrea is now.”

Choosing a career

His mom became a nurse and his dad was, and still is, an optometrist. But Kyle had a typical boyhood goal: “I always wanted to play in the MLB, Major League Baseball. That was a dream as a kid and always something I wanted to do. During college, I was studying to go to physical therapy school as I wanted to be involved with athletics one way or another.”

From athletics to insurance

After graduating from UNR, Kyle moved down to Las Vegas to further his career. “I started taking pre-requisites for physical therapy school at the College of Southern Nevada. Then I started working for the sports apparel company Under Armour as an assistant manager. They had me moving stores every few years. I wanted to get a job that was more 9-5 and had a good work life balance, so I started working as an insurance broker.”

Kyle’s Clientele at Health Benefits Associates

“I work with Medicare clients, individual and family clients as well as small businesses. I view myself as a source of education for my clients and not some pushy salesman. I help them through a big decision in their life. I want to make sure they have a great understanding of the plan they’re signing up for. That way they can feel confident in the process. I also manage our customer relationship management software and design emails to send to clients.”

Health insurance can be confusing, but not to Kyle

“I used to think health insurance was so complicated. Once you break it down and simplify it, it becomes so easy. It’s always changing so it keeps us on our toes. There are so many factors when it comes to finding the right plan for someone.” Kyle’s first tip for choosing a new health plan is finding a broker you can trust. “And I say broker because at HBA we are not limited to a single company. We contract with all of the companies out there so we can take someone’s situation and suggest the ‘right’ plan that way.” 

Family, Piloting and the Wolf Pack

“I love spending my time with my wife and our two daughters. They are always keeping me on my toes. I love to fly. My dad has his license and eventually I will get mine. Anytime I can get up in the air is a great feeling. I love to watch all things Nevada Wolf Pack. I like to pick out an away game each year and travel to that. If I’m not in the air or at a Wolf Pack game, you can find me at the softball fields playing on league and tournament teams.”

Interested in having Kyle go over insurance plans with you?

“People are always more than welcome to call me at 775-828-1216, or they can email me at “ And feel free to research the rest of Health Benefits Associates. Click here to find out more: