Medicare Plans That Cover Renown

Medicare Plans that Cover Renown

Medicare Plans that Cover Renown

Starting in 2021 Renown Hospital, located here in Reno is going to begin offering Renown Medicare Advantage plans.  At the conclusion of this article, I hope you have a better understanding as to which Medicare plans cover Renown.

Two Local Insurance Companies

Turning 65 is the easy part, figuring out the A, B, C’s of Medicare is where it can get complicated.  It is my job as a licensed insurance broker and Medicare expert, to help you find the best plan.  There are numerous insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans.  However, here in Northern Nevada, there are two; Prominence and Hometown Health.  Starting next year there will be a third which is the Renown Preferred Plan.

Enroll in the Renown Medicare plan by clicking on that link!

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

Medicare Plan C, also known as Medicare Advantage differs from Medicare Supplement plans.  One key difference is that having a Medicare supplement plan will allow you to see any doctor in the country that accepts Medicare.  For instance, if you are traveling in New York and fall ill, you can visit any hospital that accepts Original Medicare (Parts A & B) and the Medicare Supplement plan will have you covered.  Medicare Advantage on the other hand only covers doctors who are in-network.  The question that needs to be answered is, “Am I able to sign up for Medicare with Hometown Health?” The answer is yes because they offer a Medicare Advantage plan.    Going to a hospital that accepts Medicare is basically like being “in-network” here at, say, for instance, Renown.  Medicare Advantage has low cost plans as well as no cost plans.  Many Medicare Advantage plans cover additional benefits such as dental and vision.  Additionally, many of these plans help bring the co-pay costs down for prescriptions.


In closing, when looking for Medicare plans there are many options.  So please give us a call here at Health Benefits Associates to assist you during the Medicare process.  We are local and do not cost you anything to use as a resource.