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Nevada Health Insurance Costs Below the National Average

Do Nevada residents pay more for insurance compared to people from other states? A recent study from ValuePenguin ranked the U.S. states based on how much the average household spends on health insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance. Here’s where Nevada health insurance costs landed.

Total insurance costs in Nevada on par with U.S. average

Overall, Nevada ranked 32nd for total percentage of household income spent on insurance. Here’s what the average annual cost breakdown looked like for each type of insurance:

      • Health insurance
        • $1,930 in Nevada
        • $2,127 Nationally
      • Home insurance
        • $1,144 in Nevada
        • $1,516 Nationally
      • Auto insurance
        • $2,592 in Nevada
        • $1,780 Nationally

    In total, the average Nevada household spends $5,666 per year on insurance, above the national average of $5,423. Considering the average annual earnings for a Nevada household is $94,846, that means 6% of household income goes to insurance costs. This lands Nevada just above the national average of 5.67%.

    The state with the highest insurance cost to income ratio is Michigan, with a whopping 9% of household income going to insurance, while Hawaii was the lowest, with only 3.8% of household income going toward insurance.

    Nevada health insurance costs below average

    While the Silver State landed in 32nd place overall, Nevada health insurance costs came in below the national average. The average Nevada household spends $1,930 or 2.03% of its annual income on health insurance, while the national average across all states is 2.21% or $2,127 per year.

    Get the most value for your insurance money

    Just because Nevada health insurance costs are lower than the national average doesn’t mean you can’t save more on your premiums. There are many different options for obtaining health insurance in Nevada:

      According to America’s Health Rankings, under 12% of Nevadans are currently uninsured. While that indicates a decrease since the affordable care act was signed into law in 2010, there are still families without health insurance coverage. And even if you have health insurance, you may not have the best plan to fit your budget or needs.

      Regardless of need, knowing what you qualify for is important to help you get the most value for your money. Contact the experts at Health Benefits Associates to learn more about Nevada health insurance costs and to find a plan that fits your household’s needs. Our friendly staff are standing by to help you find the best and most affordable coverage available.

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