Pinnacle Medical Group no longer accepting Aetna

Pinnacle Medical Group is a primary care provider in Northern Nevada that cares for thousands of residents in the Reno area. However, they recently provided a termination notice to Aetna Medicare Advantage. With Pinnacle Medical Group no longer accepting Aetna, thousands could be without a primary care provider. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming termination.

Who is affected by the change?

Anyone with an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan will not be able to use Pinnacle Medical Group for their primary care needs. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 Aetna Medicare Advantage Members who use Pinnacle as their primary care provider.

Timeline for Pinnacle Medical Group no longer accepting Aetna

It was announced that Pinnacle Medical Group is no longer accepting Aetna plans starting as soon as May 15th, 2024. However, this change could go into effect as late as June 22nd, 2024. If you’re an Aetna Medicare Advantage member, it’s a good idea to start thinking about making a change sooner rather than later.

What are the options?

Pinnacle is one of the most trusted primary care offices in Northern Nevada, and it’s understandable if you’d rather change your Medicare plan over moving primary care offices.

Other than Aetna, Pinnacle Medical Group still accepts these Medicare Advantage plans:


      • Prominence
      • Anthem
      • Senior Care Plus (certain plans only)

    If you’d like to learn more about Pinnacle Medical Group and the Medicare plans they accept, visit their website for information. We were also able to sit down with Dr. Pinkston from Pinnacle to talk about the services they provide. Watch the video on Health Benefits Associates’ YouTube Channel.

    Change happens — Work with a Medicare advisor to stay on top of your coverage

    Terminations like Pinnacle Medical Group no longer accepting Aetna are common in the healthcare world. And the best way to stay on top of changes to ensure you’re always covered is to work with a trusted Medicare advisor.

    Health Benefits Associates is dedicated to staying on top of changes in the healthcare marketplace to ensure our clients can continue receiving care from their preferred providers. If you’re an Aetna Medicare Advantage member who wants to remain with Pinnacle, or would just like more information about your coverage options, schedule an appointment with a health insurance advisor by calling 775-828-1216.