Renown Health Plans

Renown Health Plans

Here in Reno, it’s now more important than ever to be able to access doctors. The huge recent increase in our local population has created a shortage of doctors. These doctors quickly become overwhelmed, overscheduled, and overworked. As a result, the treatment patients receive becomes sub-par at best. Recently, Renown Medicare Advantage Plans has offered a solution. They provide a more patient-centered approach to healthcare. As a result, they’ve increased their effectiveness and provided better outcomes for their patients!


Renown Health Plans is part of the larger Renown Medical Group. These plans work almost exclusively within the Renown medical group. Renown is now the single largest group of medical providers here in Northern Nevada. They include doctors’ offices, specialists, labs, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and hospitals. Renown also owns Hometown Health and you can sign up for Medicare plans with Hometown Health by getting in touch with our office.

Coordinated Care & Costs

The idea is, if patients use Renown Health Plans and see Renown doctors, costs are manageable. Also, the care they receive is more coordinated. If patients choose multiple doctors from multiple different medical groups, it’s more difficult.

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Independent doctors have more frustration and resentment when they aren’t paid what they believe they’re worth. This happens occasionally with a private insurance company. The interaction between a doctor and a private insurance company isn’t nearly as smooth as people think. The doctor bills the insurance company, the company rejects the rate or negotiates it to a lower amount. Someone usually gives, and the money changes hands. Most doctors don’t like insurance companies. When the insurance company and the doctor are working for the same company this isn’t the case. They work better together.

Renown Health Plans for Medicare

For Medicare recipients, Renown Health Plans recently released new Medicare Advantage plans for 2021. Medicare Advantage plans only work with specific lists of doctors. Because this is a Medicare Advantage plan owned by Renown, they work very well with the Renown list of doctors. The only other way to get a Renown doctor today will be to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan. Besides the Renown Preferred Plan, there are no other Medicare Advantage plans that will cover Renown.