2017 Nevada Healthcare.gov Plans

Healthcare.gov vs. Private Insurance

We are happy to announce that every insurance company who is currently offering plans through Healthcare.gov will still be offering plans in 2017. During this 2016 plan year, we have helped our customers with plans from Anthem, Health Plan of Nevada, and Prominence. We can go directly to health insurance companies or use the Federal healthcare.gov website.  Plans offered through healthcare.gov are eligible for a subsidy, if you qualify.

In addition to those plans offered through the Healthcare.gov, we have helped many of our customers with plans offered outside of the the “Exchange”.  Companies offering completely different plans outside of the Exchange include Aetna,  Anthem, Hometown Health Plan, Health Plan of Nevada, and Sierra Health and Life.

No more Platinum options

One difference from last year will be the complete absence of Platinum plans.  All individual and family health insurance plans must be categorized in one of four categories, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The category depends on the level of reimbursement that the plan offers.  In the past Platinum plans offered the highest reimbursement. These plans had the lowest deductible along with the lowest out-of-pocket expenses possible. Platinum plans used to be the best plan you could buy. This year, Gold plans will be the best plans offered.

All insurance companies can offer plans either in or out of Nevada’s Silver State Exchange or, they can offer plans both in and out of the Exchange. The number of plans offered outside of the Nevada Silver State Exchange (healthcare.gov platform) far outnumber the plans that are offered in the Nevada Silver State Exchange. Only 3 insurance companies offer plans through the Healthcare.gov platform. Every insurance company is available outside (without a subsidy of course).

For example Golden Rule and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, are NOT eligible to sell their plans through the Exchange. These companies are eligible to offer their plans off-exchange.

If you have any questions about all of your upcoming plan choices, please feel free to call us here locally at 828-1216.