Aetna Medicare plans in Nevada

Aetna Medicare Plans in Nevada

Aetna is one of the largest Medicare Advantage providers in the nation. Many of their plans cover doctors nationwide and offer very little to no co-pays for many of their services. But beginning in 2021 AETNA is canceling many of their Aetna Medicare plans in Nevada. 

2020 Plan Options

In Northern Nevada, for 2020 Aetna offered 3 plans, one PPO and two HMO’s. One PPO plan had no premium and the other cost $73 per month. The HMO plan for 2020 did not have a premium. 

2021 Plan Options

For 2021 the Aetna is unable to renew current 2020 PPO members to the new 2021 plans. Instead members received a letter stating that their plan is canceling. Normally, they would be offered details on the 2021 benefits with Aetna. Yet Aetna IS offering Aetna Medicare plans in Nevada. Aetna offers PPO plans for 2021 in Washoe, Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Storey and Lyon counties!

Why not renew automatically?

After contacting Aetna, the main reason they identified for not being able to renew clients to the 2021 plans is “network adequacy”. Aetna is significantly changing the doctors and facilities they cover on their PPO plans. Enough so that CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is requiring them to outright cancel their plans. All members will need to re-enroll in to a new 2021 plan option.

Aetna Medicare – Find a Doctor

Aetna primary still works with Northern Nevada Medical Group and St. Mary’s hospital. For the detailed doctors list, visit this link and select Continue as a Guest -> Medicare Plans you purchase yourself. Enter your zip code and choose the plan. 


For 2021 Aetna is offering 3 PPO plans and continuing 1 HMO from 2020. This is very similar to 2020 where one of the PPO plans costs $73 per month and the other two have no premium. Detailed plan information about Aetna Medicare plans in Nevada is available from our office.