Ambetter in Nevada in 2020

If you are an individual shopping for coverage, you can enroll in Ambetter in Nevada in 2020. Ambetter is also known as Silver Summit in Nevada. Depending on your eligibility, you may qualify for coverage starting as early as next month!

Ambetter’s Plans

Regardless which county you live in, You can get a plan with Ambetter in Nevada in 2020. Most insurance companies only offer plans in select counties throughout the State. Fortunately, Ambetter is available statewide. In 2020, Ambetter will offer HMO Plans only. They do not offer PPO Plans.

Most people who enroll in Ambetter in Nevada in 2020 will most likely live in Rural Areas. Also, most people who enroll in Ambetter are actively receiving subsidies from the government. Subsidized insurance plans can help reduce the monthly cost of health insurance plans based on the applicant’s income.

Ambetter’s Network of Doctors

As of today Ambetter rents and uses its competitor’s network list of doctors. People enrolled in Ambetter will use Hometown Health’s Network List. Hometown Health is a local insurance company in Reno. Also, Renown owns Hometown Health Insurance Company.

This network list may change in future years. To make sure you receiving in-network care on your insurance plan, we recommend checking your Network List of Doctors before each appointment.

How to Enroll

Ambetter in Nevada in 2020 will be enrolling people through the new Nevada Health Link website. If you are trying to enroll in coverage starting before 2020, you will need to apply on the website. On these websites, you can apply for subsidized and non-subsidized insurance.

Fortunately, people who are enrolled in Ambetter today will automatically be renewed on Ambetter effective January 1st, 2020. We encourage you to confirm your information in the new Nevada Health Link website after November 1st, 2019 when Open Enrollment starts. The deadline to change plans during the Open Enrollment period is on December 15th, 2019.