Health Link Website

Upcoming Changes – FEDERAL Health Link Website

The original health insurance platform here in Nevada, known as the Health Link Website is going away. Xerox designed it and it has had multiple challenges since its inception. It’s being replaced by a federal platform named

The Replacement for the Health Link Website

Unfortunately the transition is not seamless. No information transfers from the Health Link Website to Therefore everyone who would like to receive a subsidy needs to re-enter their information. We offer an option to complete this in person in our office with a local health insurance broker.


This November begins the move to the Federal Exchange. We would like to provide information regarding the changes to the Health Link Website service that could affect you this year. The Affordable Care Act requires everyone in America to sign up annually for their individual health insurance plan. It is our mission to help you easily continue to obtain the best health insurance plan at the lowest price possible.  Whether you are eligible for a health insurance subsidy or not, we have access to the details for every health insurance plan available in Nevada, and we help our clients sort through these plans and find the plan that will work the best.

We also help clients with small business health coverage options. Small businesses are offered more plan options from more insurance companies. As a result, they also have to provide more information such as proof of their eligibility through a Quarterly report.

Looking to 2014

The 2014 Open Enrollment period officially ended on Friday, May 30th, but there are still options available to obtain coverage before the next “Open Enrollment” period starts on November 15th, 2014.  If you are losing health insurance coverage, or if you any other kind of “Qualifying Event”, we would like to help you through the maze of forms so that you can have uninterrupted coverage throughout 2014.  Please call any one of our four Nevada Certified health insurance producers at 775-828-1216.