Health Insurance Broker in Nevada

Health Insurance Broker in Nevada


As a well informed Health Insurance Broker in Nevada, we get a lot of questions from our clients. Let me try to answer a few of the most common.

I’ll start with the most asked question first – The number one question we get, is how much do your services cost? We don’t cost anything for our clients to use us. It doesn’t matter what type of insurance you buy through us, we don’t bill you for our services. Let me repeat, we don’t cost you anything. That’s not to say the insurance is free. The insurance has a cost, but we don’t cost extra to use.

How are we paid?

The follow up question to that is always – well, how do you get paid? We are paid a commission directly from whichever insurance company you choose, and this doesn’t affect your price. So if you call Prominence, or Hometown or Sierra Health & Life or any of the insurance companies we offer and buy the plan through them you pay the exact same price as using Health Benefits Associates. The difference is, if you call one insurance company like Prominence, they won’t tell you which doctors they DON’T cover. Or if you call Hometown, they won’t compare their plan to Sierra Health & Life. We want to show you the pro’s AND CON’S of every insurance company. We want to present you with the information and let you decide what works best.


What’s our experience?

Every good health insurance broker in Nevada will not charge you for their services. So what makes Health Benefits Associates different than every other health insurance broker in Nevada? We have been in business in Reno for over 20 years. The five brokers in our office are very experienced in handling health insurance issues. We’re here when you buy the plan and we’re still here year-round when you need us. We don’t do auto insurance or homeowners insurance. We specialize in health insurance. Since the Affordable Care Act passed into law and every health insurance plan changed. It’s important to have an experienced professional focused on finding the best plan at the lowest price year after year. I can confidently say that our staff knows more about health insurance than any other brokerage in Northern Nevada. We’re proud to say we’re the best at what we do.

What’s the process?

So, how does it work? First we need to get some information from you. After a quick phone call, usually no longer than 5 minutes, we can send you quotes for every insurance company that works in Nevada. The reason for the phone call… we don’t think you should have to weed through every insurance plan that’s offered. There are hundreds and it would take hours. Instead through a short conversation with one of our health insurance brokers and we can find out what is important to you and focus on only those plans. For example maybe you want your Renown doctor covered, or you don’t want to pay any more than $30 to see a specialists … and so on. We can speed up the search and help narrow down plans that are a good fit.

After that we can help you apply for the plan you choose, and down the road when things change we can make sure your health insurance changes too.

An insurance company that’s great today will rarely still be the best 5 years from now. The doctors change, the prices for insurance changes and your medical needs change. Now and in the future we’ll be here to be your reliable health insurance broker in Nevada.